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Embracing golden memories with a variety of south indian necklaces

In the five southern states, there is a great deal of variety in the various cultures, which causes a vast difference in the south indian necklaces looks. This entails various rites, various wearing styles, and various types of south indian jewellery sets. Even though they all share the same hair item, the gajra, and the actual gold jewelry is what distinguishes them. You can buy jewelry from different polki or kundan jewellery wholesale suppliers to get the best prices.

Here is our guide to the elaborate, historical pieces of south indian jewellery set, broken down by neighborhood and region.

The south indian necklaces and jewelry Guide

1. Andhra Pradesh

a. Nizami bride

The most typical jewelry worn by a Nizami bride is a big pearl-studded Nath (nose ring), the Maang Tikka, and the Passa. The bride would be seen donning rings and a Kundan choker necklace while exuding elegance and flair. Choose the Satlada necklace, a seven-tier chain made of gold and pearls, and the bulky bangles known as Kundanmanekchura. A Kamarband must also exude the same elegance.

b) Reddy bride

The Reddy bride will wear elaborate jewelry made of heavy gold and set with sapphires, diamonds, and rubies. She will be adorned with a nose ring, an armband, thick Jhumkas, a choker necklace with tiered chains, and gold bangles.

c) Vysya bride

The jewelry would be quite understated, such as hefty south indian necklaces gold with uncut diamonds to match a gold choker with stones.

2. Karnataka

a) Mangalore Bunt bride

The bride would be seen adorning herself with the Havalakki Sara, a lengthy gold chain with jewels. The Lakshmi Balai, a gold bracelet decorated with a depiction of the goddess Lakshmi, the Ungilais, which are conventional simple rings worn on various fingers and an armband with valuable stones and pearls are added on top of that.

b) Coorgi bride

The Netti Bottu, a Matha Patti adorned with gems, is a Coorgi bridal tradition. In addition, the bride is shown wearing gold earrings called Muthina Vole Jhimiki, which have pearls, gold, and rubies. Her hands are decked with a unique style of Haath Phool (known as Kaippelli) as well as a variety of bridal bangles and Kadas.

c) Kannadiga bride

Kannadiga brides are completely coated in gold! No, we aren’t joking. The bride’s jewelry represents a variety of Gods and Goddesses, from the necklace to the Mangalsutra, the numerous gold chains, bangles, Muthina Vole Jhimki, toe rings, and Netti Bottu.

3. Tamil Nadu

a) Chettiar bride

A variety of alternatives are available, including the gold bangles Kempu Kal Valai and the Kempu Kal Mothiram, rings decorated with various jewels. Alternately, choose between the Mulla Muttu Maalai, a beautiful gold necklace, and the Netti Chutti, a wide gold chain.

b) Gounder bride

A Gounder bride adorns herself with so many ornaments that she is practically covered in gold. The designs will make your heart skip a beat with all the diverse arm jewelry, Ungila, and Valayal bangles in various sizes.

4) Kerala

a) Kerala Christian brides

The bridal jewellery sets from South India that are sold here are primarily modern and contain Tiaras, Jhimkis, Kingini Mala, bangles, armbands, waistbands, Rings and toerings, chokers, and payals as well.

b) Kerala Muslim brides

Take a look at a Kerala Muslim bride and you’ll get to know about the amount of jewellery is decked with. Almost the whole of her torso is hidden behind precious jewelry, each carrying a different meaning. With three different kinds) south indian necklaces like Padi Mala, Aalochana Mala, and the Chakrakanni Mala. Alicathu Earrings, a waist belt Arappatta and different kinds of bangles and rings.

5) Goa

The bridal jewelry for a white wedding frequently combines diamonds, pearls, white gold, and counterfeit jewelry (if an ornate set is required). In addition to this, the bride purchases a few pieces of conventional gold jewelry to wear at particular ceremonies.

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