Sport Injuries

Common Sport Injuries You Need to Be Aware Of

Injuries and sport go hand in hand. Injuries are often unavoidable when you are a sportsperson, and you will likely have had your fair share. However, an awareness of the potential injuries you could come face to face with is fundamentally important if you intend on playing any sport, and while injuries can sometimes be avoided, if you persistently and consistently play sports, you will likely one day have to deal with them.

In this article, we are going to tell you about some of the most common sports injuries that you should be aware of. By knowing what the injuries are, you will be able to make a concerted effort to avoid them at any given opportunity. We hope this page will benefit you, and we hope that you will use it to make better decisions and avoid injury.

Here are some common sports injuries that you need to be aware of.

Avoiding Sports Injuries

Sports injuries can be avoided, provided that you are careful, and more importantly, that you have proper form. Most injuries occur in sports due to a lack of form or a lack of proper technique. If you do not possess form and technique, then yes, you will likely have to come face to face with injury on more than one occasion. You may also experience injury due to bodily issues undiagnosed, which according to a specialist at Sports Medicine Service in Hawaii, can be solved by visiting a healthcare professional to check you over and ensure that you are fit for exercise. Do not take injuries or conditions that predispose you to injury lightly.

Common Injuries

Ankle Sprain

Who hasn’t sprained their ankle at least once? Most athletes in their careers will experience a sprained ankle, which occurs when one’s foot turns inward on itself. Sprained ankles can occur when a person is doing a number of different activities but usually happens when a person puts their foot down improperly or at a bad angle. When you do sprain your ankle, you will want to perform lots of stretches, see a doctor, and will want to take the weight off of it until it is healed. Sprained ankles can be absolutely agonizing, but they do need to heal, so do not rush your recovery.

Hamstring Strain

Hamstring strain is one of the worst injuries a person can experience; three muscles in a person’s thigh from the hamstring, and it can become strained or overstretched by kicking your legs out too quickly, falling forward, or hurdling. Hamstring injuries can take a long time to heal, so if you do experience one, it is important that you take some time off and make sure you get as much rest as you can. Believe us, you do not want a hamstring injury to persist.

Groin Pull

A groin pull happens when strain occurs between one’s inner thigh muscles (groin). Football, baseball, soccer, and hockey are all very common sports where one might expect to experience a pulled groin. When a person does pull their groin, all that can be recommended is compression, rest, ice, and relaxation. If you try to rush back to activity, your injury can worsen, and your groin pain can become agonizing, or worse a long-term problem.

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