Down Time

Fun Ways to Spend Your Down Time

All work and no play is terrible for you and your mental health, just ask Jack from The Shining. For a healthy work-life balance, you need to be spending your downtime doing something that brings you joy and helps you to recharge to face your work fresh and ready. There are nearly infinite ways to spend your free time, and what works for you will be unique to you. To help you find a pastime that is both enjoyable and rewarding, this article outlines a handful of ways that you could potentially spend your downtime.

Learn a Skill

If you are a classic busybody, then there is a good chance that you find it difficult to switch off and stop working. This is an admirable mindset to have, but even the most driven people need breaks every now and again to keep from burning out. If you absolutely have to feel like you’re productive even while you relax, then a good way to go could be to learn a new skill.

Finding something that you can get into and really enjoy then will likely allow this kind of learning to feed that same need for breaks that everybody feels while also allowing you to develop something you see as valuable. Whether it is a new language, the fundamentals of coding, or even just how to crochet, learning and honing a new skill is a brilliant way to focus your busybody energy into an avenue that will allow your mind to rest.

Play Some Games

Engaging in some good old-fashioned play is one of the most singularly reliable methods to help your body and mind fully relax and recover from the pressures of work. Whatever kind of game you engage in, whether you do it alone or with friends, you will find some level of emotional healing. A release from the constant weight of responsibility placed on you by your work. It might seem strange to you to suggest that a few hours on your phone playing around with  moible casino will help to heal you on some semi-spiritual level, but stress is nothing to make light of. It is important that you and everyone else take breaks whenever it is appropriate so that you can all face the challenges of the workspace with a healthy mind and a clear head.

Create Something Artistic

If you have any kind of artistic inclination, whether that is creative writing, creating pottery, or sketching, it is incredibly important that you take the time necessary to engage in that kind of artistry. Engaging with art is a beautiful way to tap into your psychological health and improve your mental wellbeing. It allows you to connect to your own emotions and work through them constructively and honestly.

Everyone will have some connection to art, whether they are creatively inclined or simply love to experience the creative works of others. Making time to enjoy art, either through creation or appreciation, is a fantastic way to cut stress and engage in emotional wellness. One that has been documented to have a notable effect on both an observer and an artist’s engagement with emotion and knowledge and to find self-fulfillment.

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