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End of Tenancy Cleaning Tips during COVID 19

With the COVID 19 pandemic forcing everyone to take sanitation seriously, a growing number of tenants who are nearing the end of their leases and honouring their agreements by moving out are finding the help of experienced end of lease cleaners in London.

Some tenants choose to hire professionals because it is required by their lease agreement, while others may be free to do it themselves. People are unsure how to clean their rented property properly after the outbreak, which is one of the main reasons why tenants hire cleaning services.

Here are five tips for hiring end of tenancy cleaners during the COVID 19 pandemic for tenants planning to move to a new home.

  1. Conduct thorough research.

The first step in finding dependable cleaners is to conduct research to assist in the selection of the best available alternative. People who make the mistake of not knowing about the business and the cleaners could end up paying more than they bargained for or, worse, having to redo the job.

It is important to learn about a company’s credibility, years of service, number of resources, customer feedback, and other factors in order to prevent these situations. Less established companies are able to take advantage of a tenant’s lack of expertise by providing low cost facilities that aren’t of high quality.

  1. Request Estimates

Before booking end of lease cleaners in London, it is common practise to request quotes for their services. These estimates are provided to give the customer an idea of how much the end of lease cleaning and other extra services would cost.

After receiving the quotes, a tenant can determine which cleaners to hire based on their budget. Most reputable companies provide free quotes via email or phone after an interested customer fills out a form or speaks with one of their sales representatives over the phone. This practise avoids going to the cleaners’ office and reduces exposure, which is critical during a pandemic.

  1. Make certain they offer a Bond Back Guarantee.

One of the most important reasons to hire skilled end of lease cleaners in London is to protect your bond, which is usually a month’s rent deposited with the landlord/ realtor at the beginning of a tenancy. When the occupant leaves the rented room after doing end of lease cleaning, the security money is issued by the property owner after the final inspection.

If the property is not returned in the same state as when it was occupied, the security money may be deducted, or the whole sum may be used to clean and restore the property. As a result, it’s important to make sure the cleaners offer a bond back guarantee.

  1. Learn about the qualifications, history, and training of the cleaners.

When hiring end of tenancy cleaners in London, do your research and find out about their skills and experience. Most reputable businesses maintain dossiers on all of their staff and contracted cleaners, which they can show to a customer who requests a reference.

In addition to checking the credentials of your hired cleaners, ensuring that they are qualified and capable of cleaning a residential property during a pandemic is critical. Booking cleaners who are unable to provide necessary details about their job experience and records such as credentials, identity cards, work permits, and so on should be avoided.

  1. Professionals are equipped with the required products and tools.

During a pandemic, it is very handy to hire professionals who have cleaning and disinfecting supplies authorised by the Therapeutic Goods Administrations. This ensures that they can perform the essential task of final sanitation of a property after a tenancy ends. Even for rubbish removal, you can contact Quick Waters in London for safe waste removal during COVID19 pandemic.

They should also have access to vacuum cleaners, microfiber cloths, dusters, brushes, and steam cleaners, among other things. The cleaners would not be able to complete the necessary tasks effectively or efficiently if they do not have the appropriate equipment and products.

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