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How to Lower the Costs during the Home Renovation in Dubai

Home renovation can turn out to be one of the most valuable projects of your life. Whether it is double glazing technique or patio extension, all the upgrading choices and styles have to be decided by you and you alone. The choice of doing the home renovation yourself is usually famous. There are 1,900 monthly Google searches for home renovation and 2,600 searches for home renovation in the Dubai.

Many people choose to fix their own house since the companies are expensive. The advantages of a refitted home are countless but there will be some hurdles in the way. It can be costly to decorating, building, and installing the appliances.

If you want to renovate your house yourself, you should take some measures to decrease the costs. By saving money in some aspects of the renovation, additional money can be added in the house where necessary. In this article, LuxuryProperty.com – Dubai based luxury real estate brokerage, mentioned ways to decrease the costs while doing the home renovation.

1.  Stick to your budget

Before jumping in the business, it is crucial to decide a budget. You have to decide what you can afford to spend on the entire home renovation project. In this way, you can decide the amount of money to spend on each specific decor or installation.

This type of assessment prior to beginning the renovation will help you save lots of money because you will comprehend the overall price of the project. You will have to divide the set budget in various parts of the renovation. As a result, you will know how much money is saved to do redecoration or extension.

A pro tip is to keep a separate budget for unknown expenses category. This budget can have as much money in it as you can afford. Whenever renovation starts looking like it’s exceeding the budget, this unexpected expenses budget will come to your rescue.

Not everything goes as planned, especially when it comes to renovation. There might be some installments or appliances costing way more than what you expected. However, some things might also cost you lesser than what you had in mind. That is always a bonus.

2.  Follow simplicity

Home renovation should be kept simple and to-the-point. You are definitely not recreating a complex architectural plan. The simpler your renovation designs are, the more money you will end up saving. For instance, during the building of an extension, every additional space of the build refers to more work and material expenses.

Consider doing a 4 walled extension as it saves both money and time. But even with such a simplistic style, you do not have to compromise on design. A lot of simple home renovations are able to succeed in creating stunning aesthetics which will ultimately improve the value of property.

3.  Adopt DIY wherever you can

If you are able to do a task yourself, you should. It is better than hiring someone. DIY is a fireproof way to save huge amount of money during the renovation of a property. While it is true that some tasks demand only an expert or professional, other easy things like garden maintenance or painting are easy which you can perfectly do yourself. And while you are on the mission of renovation, why not learn new skills to save even more bucks?

Some examples of tasks which you can learn yourself are laying down the floor or plastering the walls. These are by far the most simple parts of a home renovation project which you can learn in a short amount of time.

4.  Cost of contractors

If you are hiring contractors, make sure to not let them handle all aspects of the project. In order to get the ideal price, utilize separate suppliers for various parts of the renovation project. Inquire about quotes from several contractors to get your hands on the best deal. You should do this for all parts of the project such as plumbing, bricklaying, electricity and roofing.

This practice will determine that the costs are low and you are making the most out of your money.

5.  Material sourcing

Be creative about material sourcing. If you have second hand things or any waste materials already in home, it’s better to utilize them first and give those items a second life. By using or sourcing affordable or cheap materials, you can save money. For instance, use soft board or plywood instead of hardwood wherever you think is suitable.

Similarly, utilizing natural features of a property such as exposed walls or big glass windows, will offer a lovely aesthetic without spending any money. If you are breaking some walls during renovation, is there a possibility to use those bricks again in building a different part of the house?

6.  Be prepared to live

The cost of the renovation does not finish after the project is done. If the project includes expanding the house, your energy bills will definitely increase. But there are some ways to save money even after renovation. If your home is off-grid, do an oil to gas conversion. Gas boilers are cheaper to install as compared to oil boilers. Secondly, LPG gas is a greener solution than oil as it gives out 20% less carbon dioxide. Moreover, heat pumps are a great alternative to carry huge initial installation expenses.

Using other sustainable services is also very advantageous. For instance, solar panels to generate electricity for the house and wastewater heat recovery system.

Similarly, switching to LED lights can be more cheap than the conventional lithium bulbs. Significant investments in the renovation project will allow you to save tons of money in the future as well. Your future self will definitely thank you for it!

Are you prepared to initiate your home renovation? Be mentally prepared for the hurdles and values of fixing or increasing your house. You will be thrilled to know how to save money. There are so many DIY skills to learn and affordable energy solutions. It is clear that home renovation does not have to hurt your budget at all.

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