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Important Steps To Take To Stay Safe After Suffering From A Car Accident Injury

Getting into a car accident is never a good experience, it can be extremely dangerous and devastating depending on the severity of the damage. Even if the accident was on a smaller scale, you still need to do certain precautions just in case, it’s better to be safe than sorry! So here are some important steps to take to stay safe after suffering a car injury!

Check for injuries

First things first, you need to stay calm and collected once you get into an accident. If you are conscious enough, it’s best to just see where you are hurt and how bad are your injuries before making harsh moves, as you might be going through shock and adrenaline, your injuries might be worse than you might feel. If you feel disoriented and start to panic, try to calm yourself down as best as you can – in moments like these it’s crucial to be in a clear state of mind. This way you can provide other steps and do them correctly, if you are unable to stand on your own or feel lightheaded, make sure you call someone or ask people nearby for help!

Don’t leave the scene of the accident

A crucial rule you need to follow is not leaving the scene of the accident, even if your injuries are minor and there are no other cars involved – your best bet would be to stay on the spot and call for help! Fleeing the scene of the accident, especially with other cars that are involved in the accident, can look extremely bad, especially in the eyes of the law, so you want to make sure you are following this rule for your own good!

Call 911

Once you check how bad your injuries are, it’s time to call 911 or ask standbys to call it for you. Even if your injury isn’t as bad, you should definitely call at least the police. Your main focus should be obtaining a copy of a police report as it will be extremely important in your case later on. This way, you’ll have solid proof of what happened, especially if there are other drivers involved, you want to make sure that the real reason for the accident is determined!

Talk to other individuals who are involved

So after you’ve called 911, it’s a good idea to check up on other drivers who are involved, if there are any of course! This way you can see if someone is badly hurt,  talk it out, see how they feel about the accident, and maybe concluded who’s at fault. Obviously, sometimes, this can be extremely hard, oftentimes people won’t be so civil especially after such a traumatic event, but you should always try to be nice!

Collect proof

If you can move and walk, you should definitely collect more proof of the accident even before 911 comes. You can go about it in multiple ways, exchanging information with other people involved, taking pictures and videos of the scene, your vehicle, and your injury. As long as you try to document everything, the chances of you getting the well-deserved compensation are only getting higher! It’s crucial to do this, regardless if you are alone at the scene of the accident or with someone else, just to make sure. Your own evidence plus the police report is a must!

Call your insurance company

Lastly, your best bet would be to contact your insurance company to let them know that an accident occurred. You are obliged to do so, preferably in the next 30 days, but it’s best to do it the same day or the next! You and the additional participants can do this together or separately! An important note you need to go by is if there were any damages you need to call the police and then make a claim, but if there were no damages, you can get away without involving the police!

Make sure you are okay

After all of this, the most important thing you need to do is to cater to your injuries and focus on recovering. You might go through both physical and mental damages, not only financial ones! Going to the doctor and making sure you are completely fine, even if you feel like the injury isn’t all that bad, getting it checked out and monitoring it should be the norm, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

At the end of the day, staying calm, making sure you are awake and feeling okay while you call 911, it’s the bare minimum you can do after such an event. It’s best to follow the protocols for your own safety, and so your case can be easier prosecuted in the long run!

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