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Why you Should Visit India

When the coronavirus vaccination phase will have done its job, and we can all go back to discovering the world again, one of the countries that should be at the top of your “to-visit” list, is India. First and foremost because it will take you away from your day-to-day reality completely, as you will enter into a new way of living, unique, and wonderful. Here are a few more reasons why you should already be preparing your luggage.

For its Religion and Spirituality

Our desire to learn about the world, though in different ways, is something we all share. Most of us also need a little spirituality in our world. Some find it in religion, and others through experiences, yoga, or meditation. Whichever one works best for you, is not an issue, since India has it all, to be discovered and to learn from. Many major religions have some seeds planted on their soil, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism. Simply looking at their daily ritual, will enlighten anyone, wanting to understand life, a little more. And if you want to participate, look for an ashram that would please you and join in the meditation session.

For the Taj Mahal

Whether you are a romantic or not, this monument built in the name of love should attract you, since it is also one of the seven wonders of the world. You may not know this, but the Taj Mahal is actually a marble mausoleum, which was built by the Emperor Shah Jahan for his favourite wife, who died too young. The sadness at the core of this creation only helped to make it the marvel of architecture that it came to be, once completed.

For the food

Although it is probably the UK that made Indian cuisine become so popular around the world, you will not really have tried it, before you sit down at a restaurant inside the country, to taste it properly. Food, like everything else in India, is taken very seriously by its people. From one region to another, you will discover the large variety it has to offer. In the North, curries are moderately spicy and thick, while in the South, it gets much spicier. Southern Indian cuisine is also recognized for its use of coconut, seafood, and rice.

For the people

However, the most beautiful thing about India is its people. Wherever you go, in rural areas, you will find hospitable individuals, willing to be your host for the night, offering you food and shelter. In the street, you will hear the laughter of the younger ones, and in houses, encounter the peaceful smiles of adults.

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