Chinese Drywall

Essential Things To Learn About Chinese Drywall Hazards

When you proceed to inspect your dream home with the help of a home inspector, you have to be on the outlook for all kinds of dangers and hazards. But, sometimes, you have to see things not only through your eyes but also through the smelling prowess of your nose.

Unless you’re not aware already, you must learn that the presence of any musty odours inside the home interiors will easily give you the implication that there’s the presence of moulds & mildews. Besides, any rotting smell will point towards a possible rodent infestation or sewer leakage. But, how can you detect Chinese drywall? Well, let’s find out.

Detecting Chinese Drywall

Professional home inspector in Kansas states that Chinese drywall particularly has a sulfuric or a rotten egg-like odour. Therefore, if you smell such odour inside a home, you can be sure that there’s a presence of Chinese drywall.

Apart from that aforementioned odour, the drywall can also be a contributing factor to your runny nose, skin irritation, difficulty in breathing and headaches.

Besides, the presence of Chinese drywall can also lead to damaged wiring and copper piping inside houses. Some of the major end-results for this damage could include circuit breakers tripping, flickering lights, switches & sockets not working and so on. Moreover, since this drywall erodes electrical wiring, any smoke or fire detectors inside the home can be rendered completely useless, leading to additional danger for the inhabitants of the home.

What Are The Solutions?

The first solution to the above-mentioned problem would be to deal with the damaged piping and wiring inside the home. That includes all types of electrical wiring, including that of appliances. If the wiring is damaged, then the same must be replaced or repaired. Safety should be your elementary and foremost priority.

Once you’ve dealt with the electrical and water hazards, it’s essential that you opt for a sulphur testing for your walls. These assessments will look for the presence of sulphur inside your walls as well as your entire home environment. In that way, you can be sure that there’s a presence of a hazard. Ensure that you hire a reliable and trustworthy drywall testing company for the same.

After the testing process has been concluded, if no sulphur is detected, then you can use the drywall that is present already. However, if the tests turn out to be positive, it’s a better move to strip down the current drywall and replace it with a new one. Prevention is always better than cure.

With that being pronounced, we hope you loved our in-depth guide on dealing with Chinese drywall and if you need professional home inspectors, you can simply contact us right away.

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