Everything you must know about installing a 1 kW solar system?

This article is aimed at those who, not being an electrician technician or an operator in the sector, want to collect information and get an idea for the construction of a small solar system, disconnected from the grid, to be used to integrate the home network, power small users. or small electrical appliances. The mini system, in fact, will power one or more batteries that will be used to temporarily store the energy produced.

The eternal question before buying a solar system is how many solar panels do you need to cover a house’s energy needs? We could say that solar panels can never be enough, but in reality, there are plenty of factors that can affect how many solar panels will end up on our property. That is why we are now dealing in more detail with this, ie the number of solar cells required.

The need for a family house can only be calculated accurately with the knowledge of electricity consumption. It does not necessarily depend on the size of the house or the number of occupants.

Determination of solar cell quantity

Fortunately, India is very rich in the number of hours of sunshine and this can be said for almost every region in our small country. This is supported by the fact that a 1 kW solar system is capable of generating an average of 1100-1200 kWh of electricity per year.

Determining our annual consumption can provide us with a good starting point for determining the amount of solar cell needed. The easiest way to do this is to add up the previous year’s electricity bills or multiply a monthly bill by 12 months.

How many panels do I need to make 1 kW photovoltaic?

Although the title of the article speaks of a “stand alone 1 kW photovoltaic panel”, you should know that there is no 1 kW photovoltaic panels. The most powerful panels in circulation today are 300 Watts each. To make a 1 kW system, that is 1,000 Watts of “peak” power; we generally need 4 panels of 250 Watts each, connected together.

What is the 1 kW solar system cost?

We finally come to the 1 kW solar system cost. A 1 kW photovoltaic kit has a price that can vary greatly depending on the type of batteries it uses and, above all, based on the amount of storage guaranteed by the accumulators.

It generally cost near about 98000 Indian Rupees to install the 1kW solar panel system in India to run basic and necessary appliances. However, this cost can vary according to the complexity of installation and difference in the brands of the solar equipments.

One of the advantages of photovoltaic systems is that they are completely scalable: with the same type of components we can create a small plant with a few Watts of power or a plant with several tens of kilowatts. What changes is the number of photovoltaic panels used, the sizing of the electrical panel, the inverter and, if batteries are used, the charge controller.

In some cases, if we are talking about a small 1 kW stand alone photovoltaic system, the type of work can be done independently and without too many expenses or bureaucratic procedures.

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