Everything You Need to Know About JCPenney Credit Card

Everything You Need to Know About JCPenney Credit Card

These days, it’s next to impossible to do shopping at any retail shop without being requested to sign up for their store credit card. Nevertheless, shopping via online mode doesn’t save you from some exciting offers if purchased through a store credit card.

Importance of Having Store Credit Cards

If you are habituated to purchasing from a specific store, then a store-branded credit card or retail credit card could get you benefited from anything else. For a devoted store shopper, JCPenney is one of the first opened department stores in the USA, where you get just anything and everything from apparel to home appliances, even hair salons under a single roof. Credit cards availed from your most favored stores are a fantastic way to get rewards like offers & discounts, cashback, redeem points, or free shipping.

Store cards help you increase your credit score if you use them intelligently. Keep a minimum balance or pay off fully monthly to avoid interest charges. It’s very important to pay on time. Another benefit of having store cards is that you will avail discounts on your first purchase and get continual discounts whenever you shop from the specific store.

But the store cards also come with certain disadvantages that you also should know about, including high-interest rates and low credit score limits. But is a JCPenney credit card worth it? Let’s take a deep insight into it or you can look at United Explorer Card.


You will be astonished that the department store of JCPenney has been around for almost 100 years. Their shop fronts are seen as a foundation stone of today’s American shopping mall for many people. And pretty much everyone knows this brand or has a quick look over the JCPenney catalog at some point in time or take help of financeglad.

So what is all about their store credit card — is it competes with the department store cards of other retailers?

In this article, we’ll cover everything from features, disadvantages, fees, the application process, and more if you consider buying JCPenney credit cards.

Highlighted Features

JCPenney retail cards are featured with genuine rewards, distinctive savings, and offers for the company’s responsible customers.

  • 5% off or get a 15% additional off on select merchandises on the day of opening your card
  • Get 1 point, when 1 dollar spent with your JCPenney card, and 1 point per $2 spent using any other way of payment
  • Get reward 2 xs faster using JCPenney credit card
  • Earn a $10 reward certificate for every 200 points earned
  • $10 or $15 birthday gifts each year on your birthday
  • Earn Gold status after shopping at least $500 yearly
  • Platinum status after spending at least $100 in 12 months
  • The benefit of Free shipping via the website of JCPenney with Platinum status
  • Earn up to 2,000 points on a single purchase
  • Zero annual fee
  • Fixed APR of 27.99% (high rate)
  • Special financing offers and exclusive saving days for JCPenney cardholders

Where Can You Make Use Of Your JCPenney Credit Card?

Presently, the JCPenney credit card can be valid at the departmental stores of JCPenney (offline), JCPenney.com (online), Sephora stores of JCPenney stores, Rite Aid, and Riteaid.com.

Insider Tips

  • Fully utilize your credit card in shopping.
  • Always keep your card with you, wherever you purchase anything from the JCPenney store, either the in-store purchase and online for getting 5% cashback.
  • Keep watching on the special days and earn bonus points for every purchase, leading to uplifting your rewards.
  • Work on your progress by utilizing the discount offers. Hence, your membership tier will keep rising, and you’ll get the opportunity to enjoy special sale days and acquire a coupon book
  • Be a responsible customer to get benefited from the winnings and special benefits. Keep your card in good standing.
  • Consider your shopping habits. Make sure to check if it is justified enough to apply for the retail store card? If you are a frequent buyer of JCPenney, then this card is Holy Grail for you.
  • In this card, the redeeming process is quite simple.
  • Your points will be valid as long as your account is functional. So, make a purchase accordingly so that you can gain rewards at least one time a year.

Benefits –

With the primary pay off JCPenney offers, there are mainly 3 membership tiers linked with JCPenney card. Each tier piles up additional benefits as you go up the rank above.

  • You’ll have access to special bonus events for getting raised point earnings.
  • You’ll gain special financing offers, according to credit approval and minimum monthly payments.
  • The company will email you a personal birthday gift, especially a reward certificate from JCPenney for your excellent status and earning scores in the previous year.
  • The company will offer more than 150 credit saving days, especially for the JCPenney credit cardholders.
  • For achieving the Gold status, you are required to spend at least $500 or above within a year and get additional benefits on those gains.
  • In this second tier, your birth certificate springs up to $10.
  • In the final tier of the Platinum membership, you have to spend a minimum of $1,000 yearly and enjoy
  • Special chances to take home additional bonus points on different brands available at the store.
  • In the Platinum tier, get amazing days with a great deal for an additional 30% off.
  • Now, the certificate they send on your birthdate will increase to $15.
  • An exclusive benefit you will get with a passbook of coupons which include special deals and offers. You can get the facility to pick your day and many exciting offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which bank facilitates JCPenney credit cards?

Synchrony Bank usually issues your JCPenney Credit Card.

What is the minimum credit score needed to apply for a JCPenney credit card?

You will have fair credit or even more get a JCPenney credit card. It means a minimum credit score of 640+ is required.

Any Annual fee To Be Paid for a JCPenney credit card?

No, there is no annual fee you have to pay for this card.

Bottom Line

Before you apply for store cards, just think about the frequency of your shopping at that particular store and whether it’s worth having or not. Owning a JCPenney Credit Card should be considered a rewarding option for the responsible customer, as it leads to decent savings in your higher membership tiers.

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