5 things to treat yourself with this holiday Season

As the year comes towards an end, we all need a little bit of self pampering. As winter season comes upon us it also brings us to Christmas season. It’s a season of joy and celebration. Yellowtree.com.au offers you the extra care you need this season. It’s important to make out time for ourselves and our mental well being after a tough year.

Here are five easy ways to pamper you at home this winter holiday season.

1. Create a cozy nest in your home

If you can’t visit outdoors and crave some “me time” get yourself an oversized hoodie to make you feel comfortable. You can create your own warm and cozy nest near the fire place and the Christmas tree this season. All you need is a couple of comfy cushions, a warm blanket to just sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee with your favorite book.

2. Enjoy indulgent food

This season is all about treating yourselves with warming meals or indulgent desserts. But of course you want to remain healthy as well, you can buy Innobella air fryer from Yellowtree.com.au to make sure you have the best meals that are also healthy.

To make it more perfect, select a dish or a treat that you wouldn’t normally make and use the innobella airfryer to make it. it could be anything from baked macrooni and cheese to air fried chicken. Whatever you wish to eat, choose a recipe, turn up some music and enjoy the art of easy yet delicious cooking.

3. Turn your bedroom into a comfortable sleeping environment

After a tough year, the holiday season is finally upon you. One of the best ways to pamper yourself is to catch up on lost sleep and make sure that you get a good night’s sleep. This will help you regain your energy and help in stabilizing your mood.

Make your bedroom into a calming and sleep-inducing place. First off, start by getting rid of all the mess in your bedroom. After a thorough cleansing, change your bed sheets into new ones. Maybe switch your duvet or find something more cozier.

You can use scented candles to create a calming atmosphere in your bedroom. You can also replace your bed side lamp into a calmer tone. You can also consider getting darker and thicker curtains to help you keep the heat inside. For a perfect night’s sleep, researchers recommend that your bedroom should be heated between 16 to 18 degrees.

4. Buy fresh flowers for your home

It is very important that you pamper yourself the way you would pamper a loved one. You can start by treating yourself to a bouquet of fresh flowers and chocolates. Besides giving the basic care to your mind and body, it is equally important that you also feel happy from within in this holiday season. Winters can be gloomy and fresh flowers can uplift the whole aura of your house and your mood.

5. Shop online

The Christmas holiday season also means crowded malls and shopping areas. Why waste your energy by waiting in lines when you can order through Yellowtree. You can order a pair of oversized hoodies to make you feel warm and fuzzy as well as buy the innobella air fryer to make cooking easier and hassle free. Online shopping helps you save a lot of time and you can relax and enjoy time at home without the worry of being amidst crowds.


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