Exhibition Stand

A Guide to A Great Exhibition Stand

Below are the top 6 things you should consider when planning for your stand:

#1. Stand Out While In The Crowded

An excellent stand design will ensure you stand out in the crowd. Crucially, a clever design will attract many prospects to your stand. Build upwards to utilize the space available. Place your brand identifies such as your company’s name and logo where they can be from afar. Large custom headers provide a bold visual statement for all to see without compromising the available floor space.

#2. Keep The Space Around The Stand Flowing And Open

An open and inviting stand will entice prospects to stop by and have a chat. A good exhibition stand should have plenty of space for you to interact with prospects. Additionally, it should flow and give the direction of movement. Your prospects should not feel backed into a corner. The goal should be to ensure your stand stays busy but never look/feel full.

#3. Prioritize Practicality

Start by listing your objectives. Do you want to demonstrate your product? Is a confidential meeting space essential to have in your stand? Do you want to entertain some of your guests in your stand as the exhibition winds down?

The type and variety of social interaction you want to create with your leads should dictate the features you incorporate into your stand. Blend the stand features into your space.

#4. Display More Than Your Logo

While your logo is the central point of recognition, accompanying messaging will play a more significant part in attracting prospects. Make proper use of the space around your stand to showcase the benefits of your products and/or services. Share your accreditation and achievements.

Video is effective at catching your audience’s attention. It is also an easy way of displaying multiple messages on one output device.

#5. Balance Your Branding

It is essential you balance between being on-brand and recognizable without going over the top. It is easy for prospects to interpret too much merchandise and branding as ‘hard-sell.’ This would deter prospects from visiting your stand. To achieve your goals, use subtle and effective branding.

#6. The Devil Is In The Detail

The finishing touch you give your stand will be the difference between a memorable stand that turns heads and a nondescript stand that prospects do not remember. Small details like LED under lighting, mounted iPad stands, and carpeted floor around the stand are the finer points that create a memorable experience. Such details give prospects and customers a positive experience, placing you ahead of the competition.

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