What Every Podiatrist Wants You To Know About Taking Care of Your Feet

Our feet are the workhorses of our body. After all, our feet bear the weight of our body, and we take about 5,000 steps a day. Click here to view the best clinic that treats toe fungal infection.That’s 2.5 miles!

Giving your hardworking feet some TLC is essential for your overall health and for preventing aches and pain. If you want to learn the best tips when it comes to taking care of your feet, keep reading to learn what every podiatrist wants you to know.

Make a Detailed List Before Your Appointment

If you want to receive the best care you possibly can, be sure to jot down a few notes before your visit. Write down the problem and when it started, and be as detailed as possible. Note when the pain occurs and where it occurs and even the type of pain, such as dull, stinging, sharp, etc.

It’s also important to let your podiatrist know how you have tried to remedy it on your own. Sometimes we can best describe pain when experiencing it, so coming prepared to your appointment with detailed notes will help your podiatrist treat your foot/feet.

Put Lotion on Your Feet Everyday

How often do you clean your feet? Most people would answer daily, but how often do you moisturize them afterward? If you’re not putting lotion on your feet every day, the time to start is now.

Moisturizing daily is one of the top tips for healthy feet because it helps prevent cracks. Cracks lead to open sores, which can then become infected. The rate at which a callus develops significantly decreases when you keep them hydrated.

One of our favorite healthy feet tips for the winter is slathering a thick lotion or cream on your feet and putting on a pair of socks before climbing in bed. Your dry feet will thank you when you wake up!

Know When It’s Time to Retire Old Shoes

Sometimes the solution to aching feet is as simple as buying a new pair of shoes. Shoes, no matter how high-quality and durable, don’t last forever. Wearing old shoes well beyond their lifespan means you’re wearing a pair with less support and cushion.

Here’s a way to know when it’s time to retire an old pair of shoes: Place the shoes on a flat surface and see if they both lie flat. If one (or both) of the shoes isn’t laying flat, it means it has worn down unevenly. This uneven wearing down could be what is contributing to aches and pains, and sometimes even injuries.

Say No to Pointy-Toed Shoes

Pointy-toed shoes look nice but often feel terrible after wearing them for a long day. Worst of all, pointy-toed shoes lead to bunions.

Bunions are bumps that form at the base of the big toe. They form when the bone or joint is out of place, and unfortunately, bunions can’t always be prevented. Severe cases may require forefoot surgery.

However, avoiding pointy-toed or narrow shoes decreases your chances of developing pain and limits the severity of a bunion. Instead, opt for shoes with a wide front part of the shoe, or “toe box.” This extra width allows you more room to wiggle your toes a bit.

Breaking in Shoes Is a Myth

One of our most essential podiatrist tips is knowing that the need to “break in shoes” is a widespread myth. The right pair of shoes should always fit comfortably as soon as you purchase them. If they don’t feel good in the store, try on another pair.

Assuming you can just break in a pair of shoes over time can lead to corns, calluses, and other foot-related problems. Shoes that don’t feel comfortable straight out of the box don’t need to be broken into. They are just ill-fitting.

Go to a Podiatrist if You Sprain Your Ankle

Quite often, people treat a sprained ankle at home instead of seeking professional care. Walking on a sprained ankle without seeing a specialist leads to further damage.

The ligaments won’t heal properly, which will lead to your ankles becoming weaker. Your ankles will also be more prone to sprains and strains. If you still have pain one to two days after you sprain your ankle, see a podiatrist immediately.

You Can Prevent Toenail Fungus with Daily Foot Care

What’s one of the most common reasons why people visit a podiatrist? The answer is toenail fungus. One of our top foot health tips for preventing toenail fungal infections is daily foot care.

Clean your feet every day, and be sure to dry them well after each time you get them wet. Trim your nails straight across and file down the top of the nail when you notice it getting thick. Also, it is important to protect your feet in public spaces such as public showers, pools, etc.

Avoid Wearing Flat Soled Shoes

Flat-soled shoes like ballerina flats or flip-flops are stylish and on-trend. However, flat-soled shoes lack the arch padding your feet need. This arch padding acts as a form of support for your feet, and if you wear these types of shoes too often, it can lead to pain.

In general, it’s best to stick with shoes that support the arch of your foot and cup your heel and it’s best if you use shoe inserts to help you with the support needed for your feet. Wearing flat-soled shoes is fine on occasion only, but if you can find an alternative with more support, opt for those instead.

Clean Your Athletic Shoes Regularly

When was the last time you cleaned your workout shoes? Experts recommend cleaning athletic shoes at least once a month. Clean them with a soft bristly brush to loosen and knock off any caked-on dirt and debris.

Depending on the shoe, you can wash them with mild soapy water and leave them out in the sun to dry completely. Be sure to clean the laces and insoles as well because this is where a majority of the dirt and odor hide.

Taking Care of Your Feet

When your feet are working hard every day and bearing your body’s weight, you want to give them the care they deserve. Giving your hardworking feet some TLC is essential for your overall health and for preventing aches and pain.

We hope this post gave you some insight into what every podiatrist wants you to know about taking care of your feet. If you enjoyed this post, check out more from our blog!

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