Online AA Meetings

Online AA Meetings: What You Need to Know

The pandemic has made it incredibly difficult for those who struggle with addiction to get the support they need. AA meetings aren’t as easy to have in public spaces, and physical contact with sponsors might also be strained for a lot of people.

The fortunate thing is that there are online AA meetings that you can participate in. We’re going to talk about online AA groups in this article, giving you some insight into how they work and how you can get involved in one.

Let’s get started.

Understanding Online AA Meetings

There isn’t any particular format that Alcoholics Anonymous uses to facilitate online meetings. Most physical groups are community-based and organized, so the responsibility falls upon those who lead the group.

If you’re in need of support, you should contact a local AA group to see if they have any digital offerings that you could get involved with. If you don’t find anything, you can take the responsibility upon yourself to ask others in your groups if they would be interested.

Further, it may be possible for you to join in on AA groups from other areas if there aren’t any digital offerings in your town. Seeing as things are strictly online and you can join a group from anywhere in the world, this shouldn’t be such an issue.

You can browse these online AA meetings to see if any of them look good to you.

How The Meetings Work

One of the few fortunate things about the pandemic is the fact that humanity was digitally prepared before it started. We have the technology to connect with one another in many ways, and most of the platforms that businesses use to connect with one another online can be used to facilitate small group discussions.

In particular, Zoom has shone through as one of the greatest ways to connect online. Numerous people can join in on a group, see one another, and talk as though you were sitting right in the room together.

If you’re unfamiliar with this technology or are afraid that you won’t be able to use it well, note that it’s a very user-friendly platform and it’s free. Those who have a little trouble working Zoom or Google Hangouts will find hundreds of tutorials from a quick Google search.

There are also people in your life who use these platforms on a semi-daily basis. Whether it’s your granddaughter who uses Zoom for elementary school or your neighbor who uses it for work, there’s someone out there who can help you.

When you’re pressed for advice, you can call the platform’s customer support line and there will be someone to help you work with the video call software.

Want to Learn More about AA Classes Online?

Hopefully, you’re able to find an online AA meeting fairly quickly. Keep in mind that there are thousands of meetings happening across your area, so it’s never a bad idea to shop around until you find one that suits you.

We’re here to help you with more tips on getting connected digitally. Explore our site for more information, insight, and ideas into these kinds of AA meetings and other digital resources.

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