6 Ways to Make Your Upholstery Look as Good as New

Upholstered furniture has a charm of its own. They add a tinge of class, color, and warmth to space, be it the living room or bedroom. However, to maintain and retain its newness, you need to regularly clean your furniture along with following certain practices. While upholstery cleaning in Adelaide is not very complicated, retaining the fresh look can be. These six tips will help you ease the process, reducing wear, and replacement expenses.

  1. Avoid sunlight

When your upholstery is of a fine fabric like leather or leatherette, it can be easily damaged when exposed to sunlight. Therefore, they need to be kept in a place where the sun doesn’t reach them directly. However, once in a while, the exposure is good, so having draws can help.

  1. Get stain protection

Stains are the worst things that can happen on upholstered furniture, but also the most common problem. A stubborn stain is all you need to look for a new sofa chair. Prevent this by getting professional advice on a stain protection tool suitable for your upholstery material. This makes cleaning easier.

  1. Fluff up the cushions

With heavy usage and enough time, your cushions can become flat because the material in them changes shape. This can ruin the whole appeal of your living room. Therefore, it is essential to fluff up all your cushions. However, make sure not to do excessively for firmer ones.

  1. Flip the cushions

People tend to sit in a particular area of the sofa more than the others. The result is uneven wear on your cushions. Therefore, it is a good idea to flip both back and seat cushions once in a while to maintain their shape longer and to even out the wear.

  1. Regular vacuum cleaning

The golden rule of maintaining upholstered furniture that looks as good as new is to vacuum regularly and never put it off to later. The longer you put it off, the more the dirt cakes deeper into the fibers, and the harder it is to clean it later. With regular vacuuming, you save money on deep cleans.

  1. Professional cleaning

Lastly, once a year, have a professional deep clean your upholstery. With their equipment and experience, they can help maintain the look and shape of your couch. Pro cleaning can also reach areas and dirt that vacuuming cannot reach. Therefore, it gives a healthier upholstery.


Upholstery cleaning won’t be enough when you are not following the right practices that preserve your upholstered furniture, like flipping and fluffing the cushions or keeping direct sunlight away. When pro cleaning, regular vacuuming, and proper maintenance ritual is followed, your upholstery can look as good as new forever.

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