Technology keeps progressing and making life easier for people. One aspect of that is TRANSCODING.

Transcoding is the process of converting an audio or video file from its enclosed digital format to a different also digital format that better suits and caters to the needs of the audience.

The significance of Transcoding is something we understand here at Wink and we engage the application to cater well to the needs of the customers.

At Wink, we share traffic cameras, drones, IP camera captures to the web, and mobile devices in the form of static images preview and videos which bitrates have been reduced with an unaltered quality view by adaptive streaming. We capture files that can be of large quantity and convert it into a file of a different format in a lower quantity without any alteration in Quality.

The usefulness of this includes but is not limited to;

Traffic Analysis

For people in a community, city, or state, Wink’s Transcoding of Traffic camera videos can prove to be very helpful as looking at the videos can help them figure out in minutes the best route to their destination. It can also help the consumers to avoid traffic or roads that have a bunch of snow on them to avoid car tires slipping. It is more reliable than only a GPS system as “seeing, they say, believes”.

It can also be used by the Hospital community for the ambulance service to get faster to the needed patient and reduce death rates.

Police Force

The importance of audio or video evidence for the law cannot be overemphasized. Whether in Police pursuit or in the need to check the license plates of a vehicle, videos can be gotten from Drones or Traffic cameras. This can positively help in pursuit as the view from the top is likely to help officers determine the area of the suspects and nab criminals.

With this same Traffic camera sharing and Transcoding, the routes can be cut off, if in a serious case. After all, a safer society, right?

Oil Well Monitors

Oil Wells are a definition of money in liquid form. It is of no surprise then at the visit of oil thieves. Using Wink’s Transcoding and Traffic camera sharing allows for someone to watch from his or her mobile device to prevent it instead of the conventional way of looking into the cameras after the bad deed has been done.

Highway Management and Control

This describes the transfer of video without reducing quality and frame rate. The videos are encrypted and possess secure authentication support.

Remote Management and Administration

It’s easier for things to be done in remote areas outside the eyes of the public. Wink’s system is able to go further to convert videos from the Traffic cameras or Drones in that area to mobile devices. This will assist in reducing the crime rate and assist in business development.

Interagency Sharing

Wink’s structure is compatible with Genetec Security Center; an internet security center whose platform is built to ensure cyber security and privacy. It is capable of converting your Genetec feeds to HLS, RTMP, RTSP, MPRG-DASH at a reduced bitrates and share to other departments or agencies.

Snow Removal Trucks

Transcoding allows digital streaming of videos, reducing them from the large amounts of bitrates to a smaller amount that is encrypted and can be transferred to mobile devices which can be shared.

My best part of it? Wink traffic camera sharing and Transcoding transfers the file to your mobile devices which mean you can check and watch from the comfort of homes, offices, cars, literally anywhere on the go.

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