6 Reasons to Use Stickers in Marketing

Using stickers in marketing is useful because it has such a direct message. It is said that to create something you have to use something. It also applies to anyone who wants to get up and move on. For a company that wants to make a gift bag with lots of goodies, the stickers are perfect.

Adhesives in marketing are perfect because they take up little space, weigh little and are easily distributed. Stickers with prints of your design can cause the branding to spread over a much larger area than previously thought, especially considering that the branding will always be visible.

There are many types of stickers; many people know them as stickers, vinyl signs or decals. With different materials and designs, it is easy to understand that these in marketing can be used in many contexts. In a workplace, a whiteboard with different stickers can actually create new collaborations. Because perhaps it is thanks to your adhesive that companies will discover that they have interests common to yours.

Here we will look at even more benefits of printed stickers.

  1. The stickers can be affixed to packages and letters

A company will always try to market itself in the best way. If you sell products, they need to be shipped all over the world, to both households and businesses. Using them in marketing can create a closer connection. Also, it is a positive surprise to receive a package with a nice sticker. It can include email and address information, just to name a few.

  1. The stickers can be ordered in large quantities

An adhesive never weighs more than a few grams and can therefore be ordered in large quantities without significantly increasing shipping costs. They can be ordered on sheets or rolls and placed in a dedicated box. Although the starting price is low, it gets even lower with the number of stickers you order. It also doesn’t cost much to add a custom stickers printing, which makes the brand shine. There are a thousand opportunities to acquire customers and business partners.

  1. Very favorable price and with great potential

The favorable price must be taken into consideration. If you want to market your business, you usually have a budget to deal with. The newer the company, the smaller the budget can be. But it is at the beginning that it is important to market. Adhesives have so much potential because they have different materials, different shapes and can be used in different ways. A sticker on a company car may be all it takes to get the ransom agreement that gives security and more time for a value-creating job.

  1. The stickers can be attached to windows and walls

Yes, adhesives have many uses. We have labels that can be attached to both windows and walls. They can have a transparent surface with a separate print that makes the branding visible. You can only attach the signs to your property, but using them on a car is fine. We have brands ranging from 2X2cm up to 1.25X2m and are round, oval, square and rectangular.

  1. Stickers even outdoors

Adhesives can also have a great effect on exterior surfaces. If you have your own store, this could be relevant or an office space you want customers to visit. Exterior stickers don’t have the same durability as interior stickers, but removing faded stickers from windows or bodywork is no problem.

  1. Larger target group with stickers

You may think stickers are for collectors only, but they can be used to reach even more people. They can be attached to children’s school books or products that are packaged. Reach more people them, especially when they have your logo or branding printed on them. Companies, organizations, children, adults, the elderly, collectors, employees and customers. Everyone can benefit from them.


To market yourself and your business, there are many methods. Many believe they can market themselves without resources, while others see the benefit of advertising products. But which products should you use and how should you use them? It’s easy to see that using printed stickers in marketing can give your business an extra push in the right direction. We hope this article can help you choose stickers or other products for your next campaign. Stickers are perfect for building interest around your business, whether it’s a sale or a new service.

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