Everything you need to know about Malta’s blue Lagoon


Blue Lagoon is a beach on one of the smallest islands in the Maltese Archipelago, Comino – a tiny and virtually uninhabited 3.5² km island. The beach gets its name from its renowned crystal clear aquamarine water, said to be the best in the Mediterranean. The sand underneath and around the water is pure white, and the whole beach is sheltered by rock formations. In summer, one can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and diving to one’s heart’s content, or simply relaxing and sunbathing. An umbrella and deckchair hiring service is always available, as well as food stalls. A favorite among visitors is sipping a delicious drink served in a pineapple while lazing on a beach towel or deckchair at the picture-perfect Blue Lagoon.

You’ve got a couple of options.

By far the best way to enjoy the Blue Lagoon is to rent a sailing yacht and spend a day at sea with family and friends.

  • Take the bus: This is what we did, and apart from the length of the journey–1.5 hours from Valletta, it really wasn’t too bad. (Be sure to get there early–in high season I would say 10:30 max) it will take you to the Cirkewwa ferry stop and you’ll take a ferry for 15 minutes at 10 euros roundtrip.
  • Book a boat tour: These leave from Sliema at 10am and come back at 530pm and include a buffet lunch and all of the wine, beer, water, and soft drinks you could want. Considering our entire day cost us about 20 each, (including the bus, ferry, and food we bought), this isn’t an entirely bad option, though it might not be exactly what you’re looking for. (There is a certain kind of crowd that goes for an open bar, if you know what I mean) Open bar aside, the boat has a waterslide. So yeah, I’ll be doing this next time around.

What’s Available

You might be surprised to find when you arrive that it isn’t exactly the virgin beach you may have imagined and that there are a variety of kiosks and stands available and selling almost anything you might need. This includes blow-up unicorns, drinks, ice cream, food, towels, sunscreen, beach chairs, and even lockers. Not exactly “wild” but pretty convenient.

There are also optional trips to go do parasailing, banana boating, and trips to the beach just across the water. I’ll just tell you now–it’s bigger and has fewer people but has far more seaweed.

Where To Go

When the ferry drops you off you’ll probably be immediately enamored by the water because it is unlike any you’ve ever seen. It looks like an aquamarine swimming pool and you’ll want to find the closest spot to it. Problem is, the closest spot is probably already taken. And the second and third closest spot as well. As I mentioned above, the actual beach part of Comino and the Blue Lagoon is very small, and the part that is the most famous is covered in beach chairs that go for 20 euros per day. This isn’t necessarily a bad option if you get there early enough and don’t want to move, but I suggest going to the spot just over and to the right of the ferry drop-off beach. It is much prettier and you won’t be smelling boat fumes all day.

Now for the pro tip. Some people are embarrassed of me but I love to ask local people about the secret places or best food on the menu. I love knowing their opinions and most times it really works out in my favor. Cue our barman. When we arrived we were immediately drawn to the pineapples full of mojitos, (#basicbetches), and so I asked our barman where we could go that wasn’t so crowded. And boy did he deliver. He told us to follow the path and go right and keep walking until we found the only hotel on the island.  He said that there would be signs saying it was only for guests, but that it wouldn’t be a problem. He also said we should come back around 4 when people start to leave, and we would have the beach to ourselves.

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