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Everything You Need to Know About Pet Cremation

Pets are a man’s best friend. If you have ever had a pet, you would know how pets quickly become a part of your family. They hold the same sentimental value as a dear friend who is always there for you. And when you have taken care of them their whole life, they become as dear as a baby to you. The unfortunate death of a pet is just as emotionally damaging as a loved one. This is why it is highly encouraged for owners to have pet cremation for their beloved pets for proper closure.

What Is Pet Cremation?

Pet cremation is the same as human cremation. This service is provided by pet cremation services. Depending on the company, there are different types of services offered. The main three types of pet cremation are;

  1. Private or individual cremation.

In individual cremation, the pet is cremated in a separate container to collect the ashes. This is suitable for clients who wish to take the ashes and keep the ashes with them for a long period of time.

  1. Collective or communal cremation.

In collective cremation, several pets are cremated at the same time. There is a risk factor of mixing up of ashes of different pets. This method makes more sense for clients who do not wish to take the ashes with them.

  1. Partitioned cremation.

In partitioned cremation, several pets are cremated at the same time but there are separators between the pets during the cremation process. The risk of mixing up ashes with other pets is minimum.

Pet cremation in NSW is carried out in a serene environment for your beloved pet. It is ensured that you will be provided premium services regardless of what method you choose. NSW has gained a lot of popularity ever since it started its services 37 years ago. A highly recommended crematorium for you if you live in the area.

Prices of Pet Cremation Services.

The pricing and billing of pet cremation are variable. It depends on the following factors.

  •         Pet.

Mostly, people get their dogs cremated. However, you can get your cats, horses, birds, and even your monkey cremated. The price varies depending on the type and breed of the pet.

  •         Weight of the pet.

The more the pet weighs, the steeper the prices. But the price difference won’t be more than $10-$30.

  •         Service you choose.

One of the biggest price deciders of pet cremation is the type of service you choose. An individual cremation costs from $90 to $260 (USD). On the other hand, a collective cremation costs from $47 to $100 (USD).

Alternates To Pet Cremation.

If you are pet owner who does not wish to cremate your pet, there are two other options you can opt for.


You can always bury your furry friend for them to decompose naturally. A method in practice for centuries, you can not do wrong with burial for your beloved pet.


Aquamation is a new alternative to cremation. A natural process of decomposition of the body with the use of the alkaline hydrolysis method is much more accelerated than cremation. 

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