Renewal Road Tax

Everything You Need to Know About Requirements for Renewal Road Tax

Road tax is an inevitable thing for all people who own a vehicle in Singapore. It is legally mandatory to have a valid road tax for all people who own a vehicle. If your road tax is not valid, you need to pay a heavy fine. To avoid unwanted penalties, fines, and other complexities, vehicle owners must renew this tax every 6 months or one year. You need to follow some requirements for renewal road tax in Singapore.

Many people often forget to renew their road taxes. If you drive a vehicle without a valid road tax, you are violating the law. No matter whether you are purchasing or selling a vehicle, it is always advisable to make sure that the road tax stays valid while making your transaction.

The exact amount you need to pay as road tax is based on your vehicle’s age and engine capacity. If you have a vehicle with a higher engine capacity, you need to pay more tax. Older vehicle owners must pay a higher tax compared to new vehicles.

What are the major requirements for renewal road tax? Vehicle insurance coverage is necessary if you want to renew your road tax. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has made it mandatory for all vehicle owners. When you apply for a tax renewal, your vehicle should be insured with valid insurance. The minimum requirement is the third-party liability for deaths and injuries.

Another road tax renewal prerequisite is the vehicle inspection. This type of inspection makes sure that a vehicle is fit enough to be on the road. All vehicles have to undergo periodic vehicle inspections by an authorized inspection center in Singapore. You must get it done before applying for a road tax renewal.

If you have any pending fines or warrants from agencies such as Traffic Police, URA, HDB, and LTA, your application for tax renewal will not be accepted. It is necessary to clear all your outstanding fines before submitting an application.

Do you own a revised off-peak car, off-peak car, or a weekend car? You need to get the vehicle number plate seal inspection done to meet the renewal road tax requirements. This task is entrusted with an LTA-authorized Inspection Centre. Vehicle number plate seal inspection by an unauthorized agency stays invalid.

Heavy vehicle owners need to comply with one more requirement. These vehicles require a Vehicle Parking Certificate (VPC) before applying for a renewal. Without a valid VPC, you won’t be able to renew your road tax for a heavy vehicle.

These are the requirements for renewal road tax that you need to comply with. If you fail to renew your tax on time, you must pay a late renewal fee. The fine applies kicks in one day after the expiry date. As mentioned above, you can renew your road tax every 6 months or 12 months. The LTA sends a reminder one month before the expiry date to make vehicle owners aware of the situation. This approach gives you adequate time to fulfill all requirements.

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