Spider Solitaire

Everything You Need To Know About Spider Solitaire

If you are a solitaire enthusiast and looking for something a little bit challenging to tease your mind, the Spider Solitaire is an ideal option. Spider Solitaire is a card game that is fun and addictive. It has attracted a huge number of players across the globe over the years. If you make the right moves, this will be a winnable game for you. But what is Spider Solitaire, and how can you play it? Let’s find out.

What is Spider Solitaire?

Spider Solitaire is a single-player game played with 2 decks of cards. There are plenty of Spider Solitaire variations, including those that use 1, 3, or 4 decks. Regardless of the variation you choose to play, the basic rules still apply.

Just like any other game, it is pretty common to get stuck when playing Spider Solitaire. Thankfully, with lots of practice and tips, you will improve with time.

Rules of playing Spider Solitaire

Like any other game, Spider Solitaire also has rules to help you play it. As mentioned already, all Spider Variations basically use the same basic rules. But in each version, cards are typically moved differently. Here are rules of different variants:

  • 4 Suit Version Solitaire Rules

If you cannot make any further moves, you can deal 10 cards, one to every column. There should be at least one card in the column. Players can only place a single card to other cards if it is one less value than the one the player plans to place it on top of. For instance, players can place any 7 or 8. Players can only move a group of descending cards that are in the same suit. Additionally, you can place a single card into an open empty column.

  • 2 Suit Version Rules

This is a common version of Spider Solitaire for PCs. This version can be simulated using a 2 deck by supposing that all red cards are a single suit and blacks ones another suit. You can easily move your arranged foundation piles, because after all, they are either in red or black. For instance, you can place a 9 of hears on a 10of diamonds onto any open jack. In addition to that, with a complete group in a one suit that is descending perfectly, a player can remove it from play.

  • 1 Suit Version Rule

In this version, you need to presume that all cards are of the same suit in order to stimulate the move. This means that you can place any group onto another correct card, as long as it is arranged in a descending manner. This is one of the easiest to play Spider Solitaire variant. What’s more, it is quite relaxing and entertaining.

Tips to help you play Spider Solitaire like a pro

  • Plan your move simultaneously so that you can get most gains
  • Look for moves that will lead to success
  • Don’t just make any move because it is obvious. Instead, move with a purpose
  • Instead of wasting an empty column, look for ways to utilize them to move cards between in a way that can benefit you.

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