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How Much Does It Cost To Develop An iOS App? – A Detailed Analysis

An individual who wishes to develop a mobile app on iOS asks about its development cost. Developing an iOS application is more expensive than developing a mobile application on Android.

Today, mobile applications are becoming integrated into everyday life. Hence, as the responsible firm, you need to know the functions and features to add to the application.

As the number of iPhone users is increasing worldwide, the need for its app development is also growing simultaneously. Likewise, iPhone is expensive; the iOS app development cost is also expensive. Still, many users prefer to own one. Let’s briefly discuss its app development cost, function, and features.

An Overview Of iOS App Development Cost 

When it is about the iOS app development service, one should know its cost. Generally, the iOS app development cost depends upon the application type you wish to build. Be specific, whether it’s small, medium, or large.

As per the key statistics, the cost of developing an iOS application varies between $55000-$300,000, which may take up to 1200h for its design. The cost of its simple application is between $38,000-$91,000. Its medium application costs between $55,000-$131,000. The cost for a complex application is between $91,550 and $211,000.

Country-Wise iOS Application Development Cost 

The average cost of iPhone app development also depends upon the geographical location of a company. Let’s discuss the hourly rates for the iOS platform for different geographical locations.

  • Indian mobile app development company charges $25/ hour.
  • In North America, the iOS app development company charges $50-$150/hour.
  • The iOS app developers in Indonesia charge up to $35/hour.
  • The Eastern European mobile app developers charge $25-$50/hour
  • UK mobile app developers charge $71/hour.
  • The mobile app development company in Australia charges between $35-150/per hour.
  • South American regional app development services range between $22 to $55/h.

Other Factors Affecting iOS Application Development Cost 

Apart from the geographical location, some other factors also affect the iOS application development cost. You can consider these factors before incorporating with an iOS app development company to make an informed decision for your business. It includes the following –

Project Complexity

It is the first thing that affects the cost of iOS application development. The simpler your iOS application design will be the lesser the cost. The app development cost for the iOS platform increases with the complexity of the cost and features added to the application.

Generally, the applications having basic functionality and UI design range between $5000-$20,000. Likewise, the application with high backend and complex UI requirements will range between $20,000 and $2,50,000.


The features in an application are another significant factor affecting the cost of iOS app development. The more features of the iOS app you will implement in your application, the more the app development cost will be.

To make your app successful, you must have business-driven features in your application, such as payment gateway, navigation, etc. All these features add more to the cost of iOS app development.

Backend Infrastructure

The backend is where software runs and allows an application to interact with the external data source. While developing an iOS application, one needs backend infrastructure to sync with the internet features.

Meanwhile, you can also design the backend by maintaining the service as an alternate option. With limited capabilities, the backend infrastructure is more expensive. Often known as side server development, backend development focuses on servers, APIs, backend logic, and databases.

Different iOS App Positions

The different iOS app positions also affect the app development cost on iOS platforms. For instance, hiring an iOS developer will cost you between $20-100 per hour. Similarly, the cost for other positions such as UI/UX designer is between $15-$50/hour, for Scrum master, the cost is between $52-$150, for QA engineer $12-$40, and for business analyst, the cost is between $30-$70/hour. Hence, all these positions will add more to your overall development cost.

Based On App Categories

The app categories affecting the overall app development cost include gaming, business, education, health & fitness, entertainment, food & drinks, travel, shopping, and social networking apps. These categories have different price ranges and periods for app development, which adds to the overall cost. The cost for gaming app development is $30,000-$2,50,000.

Location Of Development Team

The cost of iOS application development may increase when you work with an expert or large mobile app development firm.

Although, working with a large organization might be more expensive as it involves the participation of separate departments for multiple tasks and goals for designing an app.

While working with an independent developer may cost you less as few people are involved in the task. Along with this, the development team’s location also affects the cost of the iPhone app.

If you have a complex project, you will require a large team that will eventually increase the development cost.

App Maintenance Cost

Post-launch app maintenance is another factor affecting the iPhone’s overall app development cost. One who wants to make their iOS app more successful should not ignore this essential factor.

The cost includes updating the app to the latest version of third-party services, the performance of servers, monitoring the app stability, upgrading to the latest OS versions, code optimization, and making your application bugs-free.

All these costs combinedly charge $40,000 per year. Ongoing services and On-demand services are two app maintenance options. The maintenance cost is higher as the development team makes an effort and invests their time to monitor your application’s health.

Hidden Costs

There are some hidden costs. Also, that affects the app development cost of iPhone platforms, which one barely notice. It includes hosting, monitoring, application updates, license, architecture, and third-party API subscription charges. For example, the cost to develop an iOS app is $75,000, including a load of integration and maintenance costs; the final app development cost may range between $75,000-$1,00,000.


Henceforth, these factors affect the overall iOS app development cost. As iOS is an ideal platform for mobile app development projects, one should always plan to monetize their application if they want to access the potential customers having high purchase intent. For this, one should always know about the overall cost and factors affecting their app development project. Therefore, you can use the guide provided by the blog to begin your project at cost-effective rates or within your budget.

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