Living off the Grid

Home, Home on the Range: 5 Reasons to Consider Living off the Grid

Picture this: the sun shining on the open green meadows, the magnificent mountain range staring you right in the face and, a cute, cozy house sitting on top of a hill in the distance. This is not your ordinary house–this is a self-sufficient, off-grid house.

You might ask, why would anyone want to live off the grid?

Well, here are five great reasons why you might consider living off the grid.

  1. Reduction of EMFs

Living off the grid can mean many things for different people. However, the consensus is that off-grid dwellers do not depend on any public utility systems.

This means that there are no power lines outside your home to create constant flowing magnetic fields, which can harm your health. You may not see the radiation, but it can induce symptoms including headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and insomnia. wrote a detailed article on how you can use an EMF meter to track EMF sources, and how you can protect yourself from EMFs.

  1. The Independence of Living off the Grid

People who live off the grid experience a sense of pride, accomplishment, and freedom from sustaining themselves without relying on public utilities.

It’s true freedom–well, as much as you can have while still being a part of society. Off-grid dwellers have direct control over almost every aspect of their house and what living there is like. Even if the city or state goes out of power, they are not affected. 

  1. A Greener Life

Living off the grid can be a good way to re-evaluate and take responsibility of your daily levels for resource consumption. When you live off the grid, you are more aware of how much energy, water, and other natural resources you use, because if you run out, your house doesn’t function.

When you pay for your electric and water bills, you don’t really think about how much of these resources you consume. It’s just another bill to pay.

  1. Reintroduction to Self

With all the time in the world and all the peace and calm surrounding you when living off the grid, you can meet yourself at a deeper level.

You may say, “well, I know myself. I know who I am.”

Your sense of self has, in part, always been tied to where you live and what you do. Now, there are no labels. Here’s a great opportunity to re-discover yourself.

  1. Connection to Nature

Living off the grid does not mean you live in a cave. Off the grid living looks like living on the land and using the nature and resources around you. 

The best places to live off the grid depend on many factors including the renewable energy source of your choice, your financials, your food situation/lifestyle, and more. For example, if you intend on growing your own food, you may want to find a place with sufficient rainfall. 

The Road Less Traveled

There are many great reasons to live off the grid, but it’s different for everybody. If you’re considering living off the grid but are not sure you want to fully commit yet, stay at an off-grid place short-term and see if you like it.

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