How to Properly Recycle Electronics

How to Properly Recycle Electronics

Do you have old electronics that you want to recycle? Are you worried that your company data will be at risk?

US consumers and businesses throw away over 2 million tons of electronics every year. Only 25% is recycled, and that means most of us throw our electronics in a landfill.

Some of your data always remains on your electronic devices, and data recovery software allows a thief to recover it. It’s essential to protect your privacy during the recycling process.

If you want to recycle electronics the right way, here’s a helpful guide.

Why Recycle Electronics?

Electronics have a short life span and are the fastest growing waste stream in the world today. Most of us dump electronics in landfills or allow illegal exports to developing countries.

Recovering plastics and metals is part of the recycling process, but that’s not all they contain. There are highly toxic substances such as lead, beryllium, polyvinyl chloride, and mercury. It’s essential to contain these dangerous substances.

Unethical recycling companies may send electronic waste to developing countries. If they don’t have the recycling capacity, they end up dumping them in their landfills.

Erase Your Personal Data

Before you dispose of any old electronics, it’s essential to wipe your personal and business data from the system. Deleting your files is not enough to protect your privacy.

Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on wiping your device. Be sure to remove the SIM card from your phone.

If you are unsure about this step, ask a recycling company how to recycle electronics. Many firms specialize in data destruction that will protect you.

Donate Your Used Electronics

If your devices are still working, the best way to recycle them is by donating them. Your used electronic gadget is perfect for someone who can’t afford to buy one on their own.

Some non-profits are happy to accept used phones and computers. They will refurbish them and provide them to people who need them the most.

Contact a Recycling Company

Check that your local recycling company takes care of used electronics in a responsible manner. Their recycling service should include data destruction to protect your privacy.

At CJD E-Cycling, we can help you recycle your old electronics. Our focus is on reducing e-waste in an environmentally responsible manner.

What Is a Recycling Certification?

US Recycling companies can apply for certification through one of two programs. They are e-Stewards and Responsible Recycling (R2). The EPA encourages all electronics recyclers to become certified.

Each program sets different standards for a recycling company to follow. The standards limit exporting e-waste to developing countries. They also prohibit the illegal export of electronic waste.

Take Time to Do Your Research

As a responsible business owner, you have a choice to recycle electronics properly. Do your research to find a recycling service that will protect your data while they recycle your devices.

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