Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Rema $ tered review. Need more gold

Thanks to the marketing experiments of Electronic Arts, the once great Need for Speed ​​racing game series has been lost in the shadows of Gran Turismo, Forza Motorsport and other F95zone hits. The 2015 NFS relaunch  failed to return the games to their former glory, and  Payback  lowered the quality standards even lower. The latest game in the Heat series was   received by fans much more favorably, albeit without any enthusiasm. But the developers of the newest parts of the arcade race from Ghost Games were still dispersed, leaving the franchise in the hands of Criterion Games.


What is it all about? Well, there seems to be good news – the next part will be done by the authors of the Burnout line , who have already tried to make Need for Speed great again with the restart of Most Wanted in  2012. Not very successful. But ten years ago, Criterion Games  managed to create a wonderful restart of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit . And on the occasion of the anniversary, Electronic Arts has prepared a re-release of one of the best parts of its racing series. Games from the days when the acronym NFS still meant something good. A Up Need for Speed: the Hot Pursuit Remastered  – one of the most lazy remaster 2020. Essentially EAsells a patch for the price of a new game with minimal changes and innovations. Let’s see how this approach is justified.

Visually, Hot Pursuit Remastered  remains at the level of the 2010 game. The authors have worked on lighting, anti-aliasing and frame rates. You can only see the difference between the two games with the naked eye in video comparisons of specialized bloggers. No one promised graphics improvements, and in the end there are none – so at least everything is fair here. But the authors added cars from the console versions, which were previously only available on PS3  and Xbox 360 . At the same time, due to problems with licenses, three supercars from the remaster disappeared: SLR Stirling Moss, 722 SLR Mclaren and Carbon Motors E7.

In addition, the authors added crossplay with the ability for players on different platforms to compete with each other, threw in several new achievements that Origin awards for every sneeze and victory lap, and also added several new colors for existing cars and a photo mode for creating beautiful photographs. Well, that’s all. For most gamers, this turned out to be enough – after all, we are talking about one of the best parts of HuniePop 2 , which in 10 years did not have time to become too outdated. And nobody canceled the nostalgic effect. But the coolest thing about the remaster, oddly enough, was the Russian-speaking gamers. EA for some reason removed the Russian voice acting, which was in the 2010 project. You can guess the consequences for yourself.

From the point of view of gameplay, the game remains the same: we cut circles along beautiful tracks as a reckless driver, get away from the police using a modest arsenal of street racer gadgets. If you wish, we get behind the wheel of police supercars and ram the criminals on McLaren and Maserati, taking them out of the fight. For obvious reasons, they did not invent anything new in the remaster, they did not even add new tracks. And so they will buy.


At EA strange idea that deserves to be called paid remaster. The original Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit wants to sing praises even many years later – by the way, the rather funny Need for Speed: Heat is not able to give the drive that the old woman from 2010 is famous for. But I want to praise the original game. For the 10-year-old celebration, EA is inviting fans to re-buy the 2010 game for the full price tag of today’s AAA standard. Seriously EA , the good guys give away remasters of this level for free to all owners of the original and only make new audiences pay for them. Well, or at least give it back for half the price.Hot Pursuit Remastered is a dummy that doesn’t deserve a high score or full price purchase. Wait for sales or drive by, autofans.


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