Rising Star “I Met Jesus” and “I Love Jesus” Collections — To Auction World’s Most Expensive Photograph and Billion Dollar Poem

Manhattan, New York: Rising Star, the new fashion house based in New York City, announced that it would be auctioning the World’s Most Expensive Photograph along with its next collection of photos. “Church Grounds,” photographed by Brandon Nelson, displays a rural church paired with unique artistic techniques to make the image seem as if it were a painting: It is listed at an asking price of 33 Million US Dollars. Interested parties may view the photograph at Rising Star’s auction, which will take place on a secret date and location.

Rising Star’s photo collections, titled “I Met Jesus 5 Times This Year and He Named My Brand” and “I Met Jesus 5 Times Again…3 Times In January” can be simplified to “I Met Jesus” and will be accompanied by the poem “I Love Jesus #1” listed for 1.1 Billion US Dollars, as well as the poems “I Love Jesus #2” and “I Love Jesus #3” for 350 Million US Dollars each. This collection will contain 100 photos in total, with prices for the pieces rising to 20.1 Million US Dollars. The brand also announced the “Glory To The Lamb” and “Christ Is My Fountain” collections which will feature 20 photos per collection each priced at 20.1 Million US Dollars.  Also featured in these collections will be .zip files of haute couture dresses: up to 20 .zip folders filled with elegant dresses; individual dress prices starting at 1 Million US Dollars; up to 10 dresses per folder. The unrivaled haute-couture department is soon to leave a lasting impact on the fashion world forever, being the first house to release anything of this magnitude.

Of the SoHo-based fashion brand’s latest announcement, a spokesperson for Rising Star commented, “We couldn’t be more thrilled to offer these one-of-a-kind items perfect for any individual passionate about our cause. Rising Star is proud to be the first fashion brand to offer an exclusive collection priced by God in modern history, all intending to empower the Christian faith and world of art.”

Funds gathered through Rising Star’s upcoming auction will be reinvested into the EarthChurch and EarthSchool System developments, which are part of a global charity and church-building coalition. The company will use proceeds to fortify their mission of spreading the word of God worldwide by building Christian libraries, schools, and churches across South America, Asia, West Africa, and Israel.

About Rising Star: Founded in New York and based in SoHo, Rising Star is a fashion house quickly overtaking the industry thanks to its commitment to creativity, uniqueness, and spreading the light of Christ. The company has recently proved its dedication to spreading the message of Christianity and unity by acquiring photos from various talented artists to form these collections.

For more information on private sales and upcoming auctions, contact Rising Star at support@risingstar.press.

Please note: All buyers receive lifetime free travel via EarthTravel (www.earthtravel.online)

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