Extravagant Travel Ideas

Extravagant Travel Ideas You Should Try For Your Next Vacation

Ever wanted to just travel far and wide and explore the things on your bucket list without worrying about the money you are spending? Many people wish for that luxurious travel experience, but what if money isn’t the problem but just the right idea that brings your dream to reality? Then, this article is just what you need to have a sophisticated vacation with the most brilliant concept ever.

So, get ready to fill your bucket list with these five extravagant ideas as you get ready for the next vacation.

Enjoy nature in one of the Seychelles islands

Seychelles is one country that speaks luxury every time with its fancy islands that attract elites every year. Among the many islands is the special one for your next vacation- the Fregate island. If you thought you could never see an island with so much preservation of nature in the unique form, then Fregate hasn’t been introduced.

This island is designed to harbor a few people and give them an experience they won’t forget soon. It is private and protected and committed to making sure nature is truly enjoyed by all visitors. In Fregate, you will enjoy the ocean view, surfing, hiking without leaving out the jacuzzi to ease off at night. A visit there will surely be worth it.

Experience first-class privacy in the Bahamas

Have you ever heard of Exumas in the Bahamas? Well, it is a centralized place for different islands. About 365 islands form the Exumas, and one of those islands is a recommended place to spend your next vacation, the Musha Cay. Getting there from the United States or any of its cities can be quite a struggle if you don’t know where to start. Of course, you will need to get there using private charters from Cleveland if you’re in Ohio, but one thing that stood out in this location is the privacy.

In Musha cay, you get to book the entire island and decide who gets to stay with you. Cool right? The fascinating part is the activities they have lined up for you with special fireworks as toppings. With just $40,000, this luxury will be yours without any restrain.

Spend time in the most expensive city in Norway

The thought of Scandinavia automatically means affluence and beauty. A closer look is the Oslo city that houses the glamour the world pays heavily to see. In Oslo, colors play around, and the scenic view of mountains is just what you need to relax during your vacation.

More so, Oslo is known to be safe so, you can be sure that while you are enjoying your grand vacation in a country which into oil, you are assured of safety. Plus, Oslo’s spectacular fjords are found, which makes it a must-visit on your extravagant vacation list.

Visit one more island in South pacific

Anytime Fiji is mentioned, many assume it is just one island in the south pacific. The truth is, it is not just one but many islands, just like the Musha Cay. One thing that stood out for Fiji island is the extraordinary immaculate environs. While this seems like a regular feature of any resort, this place combined it will preserve nature, making up the elegance seen.

On the Matangi island particularly, you are bound to explore the forest, have a lava rock bath, dive, and hike in this volcanic island. Surely, the luxury you will enjoy cannot be described until experienced.

Relax on a bed with an ocean view beneath Dubai

What is an extravagant vacation without going to a grand hotel in Dubai? Having taken time to visit any of the above places, Dubai offers you a relaxing evening in one of their fancy hotels. One interesting thing you can do at night is to go for a yacht ride or just enjoy the sea view from the top of your bed.

A seven-star hotel recommended for this luxury is the Burj Al Arab. The hotel, which is one of the wonders of the world, is known to give back the worth of your visit with every penny spent. Aside from the view that is compared to none the hotel provides, it also makes sure you see the Arabian nation’s heritage alongside. No doubt, a visit to this hotel is worth being on your extravagant travel list in almost every vacation you intend to make.

Hopefully, you have seen the best places you can visit in this article, and you are ready to go make that adventurous appearance. Yet, note that the best way to enjoy these places is to fly in with your private jet. You can visit more than one place in a day and get the best of your vacation. Happy holidays.

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