Eye Care Tips For Strong Ocular Health

Eye Care Tips For Strong Ocular Health

Eye Health May Be Something You Have Some Control Over

Though congenital issues may diminish vision acuity through a person’s DNA, there is also an epigenetic quality to your vision. That is to say: what you do can have a direct effect on your genes. Think about it critically. Have you ever exercised, and seen muscle tone increase? Well, that was epigenetic processes in action.

Through habits, you change your DNA. Now, if you fall out of good habits that positively enhance your DNA, then you’ll lose the “gains” you made for the same reason you made them: epigenetic processes. It’s true what they say. You are what you eat, and we do become the things we do—even at the genetic level.

That’s news which is good and bad. The good news is, you can take more control over your personal health than many people realized was possible. The bad news is, poor habits will also affect you. So there are many applications to epigenetic properties. One of the most considerable involves ocular health. Here we’ll explore some things you can do for your eyes.

First Things First: Have An Eye Care Professional Examine You

To get an idea what level of health your eyes have in advance, you may well want to make an eye doctor appointment. The optometrist will closely examine your eyes and administer a few tests to help determine your vision’s quality. From there, the optometrist may prescribe glasses, contacts, or even mild procedures like laser eye surgery.

A good optometrist may also advise you to change certain activities, and maybe even augment your diet. He may also recommend you saffron supplements for eyes, which help maintain visual health and protect against certain eye problems. Just to give you an idea, here is a list of foods that can help you improve your vision by giving your body the fuel it needs.

Don’t Sit Too Close To Screens; Give Your Eyes Breaks

Because of epigenetic properties inherent in the mechanistic homo sapiens “machine” that is our body, if you sit too close to a screen too long, you’re going to hurt your eyes. Essentially, you’re training ocular musculature to be weak. What you want to do is sit far back from screens, keep font small, and reduce how much time you spend looking at such screens.

If you’re working a nine-to-five job that requires you to stare at a screen for eight hours a day, then put something in the distance away from your computer that you can focus on; or find something to look at that requires you to focus, and is a long way from your screen. This will help keep ocular muscles strong.

Consider Eye Exercises To Improve Vision

Focusing on objects near and far can help provide a sort of “workout” for your eyes. A few searches via online search engines will reveal a variety of proscribed eye exercises that can assist in vision improvement; provided you’re consistent and disciplined in performing said exercises. Working with optometrists can help you focus on the most efficient exercises.

More Healthy Vision

To keep your vision strong, you’ll want to take what matters you can into your own hands. There are a few different ways to do this. For one thing, consider exercises for your eyes which will improve your vision. Try not to sit too close to any technological screens; these will impair vision over time. Lastly, find an eye care professional you trust for examination.

Granted, there are things that just can’t be helped, but if you’re careful to take care of your vision in a conscious, proactive, intentional way, such action will help your vision.


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