Fashion at the office. How to look elegant while working


Why comfort? After all, you will stay at the office for at least 6 hours, you don’t want to feel uncomfortable all that time, right? This will not only result in the way you feel, but in the amount of work, you will accomplish too. Even the best-looking outfit is not a good idea for the office if it’s not comfortable.

Effortless look

The effortless look is always a good idea. It gives the impression that you did not spend hours dressing up, but you still look stylish and elegant. Why would we advise you to go for an effortless look? Because office fashion is not about dressing up too much, remember that.

How to dress at the office?

So, let’s get to the topic – how to dress at the office in order to look elegant, stylish, and to feel comfortable? It sounds hard, but if you follow the simple tips we will give you today, it will be much easier. 

Forget about mini skirts

Mini skirts – even though they look super sexy and make your legs look much longer – its not a good idea when it comes to office fashion. But why? When you are at the office, you are aiming at elegance, not at revealing clothes, especially if you want to be taken seriously. 


We would strongly advise you to go for a longer skirt if you want to look professional. Sticking to the graphite, black, and navy blue colors is also advisable.

A white shirt is a must

The white shirt is a must in business apparel. It represents professionality, cleanliness, and of course – elegance. You can combine it with a nice blazer, skirt, wide-leg pants, jeans, or anything you want since it will fit every outfit. However, do not go for a revealing white shirt because you will definitely go from professional to something less intriguing. 

 Add a variety of blazers 

Investing in blazers is one absolutely great idea! They make every look professional, and they look super elegant. You can use a black blazer for elegance, or you can use a cream, grey, or even khaki one if you want to add some color to your outfit but still keep it professional.

Rely on neutral colors

Neutral colors are the colors that should appear in your business apparel. They are a symbol of simplicity, purity, and stability. Furthermore, they can be easily paired together, which will give you the chance to come up with a lot of different office fashion outfits. The neutral colors are white, grey, navy, black, beige, and brown, together with their different shades.

Neat blouses are a good idea 

The neat blouses are relaxed but still presentable and tidy. That makes them the perfect fit for office fashion. Going for a neat blouse will help you to reflect your professionalism, to show your respect towards your company, colleagues, and clients. Furthermore, it will make you look confident, it will help you feel comfortable, and eventually – do all your duties with ease.

Scarfs and belts level the outfit up

Accessories are always a good idea when it comes to office fashion, and not only. Scarfs and belts can make your look seem finished and even more professional. So, if you want to level up your outfit, then consider adding a nice, simple belt or a minimalistic scarf.

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