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Zavenir Preeminent Low mist cutting Oil (fluid) range loaded with Anti-Rust properties provides smooth and hassle free machining works

Zavenir, a reputable premier company providing Anti-Rust solutions is serving its clients in guidance with their motto–“Our customers deserve the most excellent quality products”. Our wide range of products, capable of neutralizing any kind of Rust and other metal contamination is produced using ultra-modern and state of art technology complying with all the international level standards. Our presence in the market for over more than two decades now and our sales graph pointing northwards is a testimony that our products are in great demand for their excellent quality.

Our production chain is so precise that it leaves no space for any laxity which may affect our product quality as we know “Your machinery and Components deserves the Best Product” to take their care during machining jobs and provide the best care against rust.

Our preeminent Low mist cutting Oil (fluid) ranges are loaded with the best properties allowing for smooth and hassle free machining works and beating the menace of Corrosion and other metal contaminations. The quality of our Illustrious cutting fluid brands can be gauged from the fact that they hold the top-notch position in the market share compared with other peer products. In addition, they provide excellent surface finish dimensional accuracy in letter and spirit.

Our products provide unmatched performance in excellent surface finish, enhance tool life, reduce coolant consumption, and give cleaner machines and a hazard-free working environment. These are some of the factors if disturbed may affect productivity levels in metalworking processes. Zavenir’s range of Low mist cutting oil facilitating ease in machining/metal works helps customers to achieve their productivity targets.

Semi-Synthetic Cutting Oil. These types of oil are produced mixing 30 to 50 per cent, per unit volume, mineral oil mixed with high-pressure additives with friction modifiers to facilitate improved surface finishing, better cooling and marvellous performance in neutralizing rusting and corrosion.  

We produce best in class Semi-Synthetic cutting oil, give a translucent emulsion when mixed with water and provide better working for machining and grinding of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and Alloys. Our product produced using cutting edge technology is best in its class. Our product’s performance outputs are exemplary and have set benchmarks in the industry for others to achieve. Zavenir’s Semi-Synthetic Cutting Oil is well-known to give maximum performance with minimum usage, besides extending tool life and better surface finishing. Our product is of so excellent quality that it delivers excellent results even in the worst of working conditions without losing its high performing properties.

Aluminum Cutting Oil:

Zavenir is a reputable name in the industry providing superior quality of Aluminum cutting oil our high-end product is best in its class is suitably designed to give excellent performance in both cutting and machining of Aluminum. It has been seen that Aluminum is highly susceptible to change in its pH value during cutting or its machining work making it vulnerable to corrosion or other contaminants so cutting oil with superior anti-corrosion property, lubricity, and excellent cutting property is highly recommended. Zavenir’s Aluminum Cutting Oil-manufactured using ultra-modern cutting edge technology is loaded to meet all the needs of Aluminum Cutting industries. Aluminum is soft and ductile metal making aluminum chips produced during cutting and machining easily stick to the tools deteriorating tool’s cutting ability affecting machining accuracy, our product with excellent flushing and better surface finishing properties is all capable of answering these problems. Some brands have chlorine mixed to meet pressure machining requirements but our product is chlorine-free and is safe to use for workers.

Straight Cutting Oil

Straight oils are petroleum or vegetable-based oils that do not contain water. They are mainly used without dilution or as a “straightening” at metalworking places where lubrication is more important than heat reduction. Our fully loaded Straight Cutting Oil is made to meet all the required parameters to withstand the most stringent working conditions environment. Manufactured under strict quality control measures our product’s USP is its unbeatable performance in milling, turning, grinding and other tough machining operations. The presence of extreme pressure additives in our Straight Cutting Oil continue to maintain high lubrication film even at very extreme load operations

Honing Oil

Specialized less viscous oil mixed with other additives is used in various machining operations. It is also known as machine or tool oil. Honing Oil is available in a wide range of varieties to meet the needs of various machining operations. It is advised to choose the appropriate honing oil required during a particular job. A wrong choice may create swarf problems or damage abrasive tools badly thus affecting job quality. Zavenir’s Honing oil is best in its class to meet the requirements of cutting or grinding metal operations typically by abrasive tools or stones. It is also used in the sharpening of metal blades, during the process it takes away excess heat and thus saves the withering of metal. It is also used in the machining processes of copper alloy metals to prevent the staining of copper. Besides, it also saves metal from rusting.

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