Kanjeevaram Saree

Feel the joy of draping with Kanjeevaram Saree

The most well-known wedding or festive sarees from South India is the Kanjeevaram silk saree. It is renowned for the clash of colours. A typical Kanjeevaram silk saree will have patterns like temple borders, checks, stripes, and flower booties. Because three different woven fabrics must be interlocked to create this Kanjeevaram silk saree, it is pricey.

These kanjeevaram sarees, which feature gold or silver thread work, are more akin to investments, particularly when worn with the appropriate blouse styles. Additionally, the Kanjeevaram silk saree creates religious designs influenced by mythology and temple architecture.


Hindu mythology is where the origins of Kanjeevaram silk sarees can be found. The Markanda Silk Weavers, who were reputed to have woven garments for the Gods themselves, are said to be the ancestors of the Kanjeevaram Silk Weavers. This stunning weaving has a history dating back more than 400 years and originates from the little Tamil Nadu town of Kanchipuram. The two main weaving tribes, the Devangas and the Saligars are reported to have relocated from Andhra Pradesh and established themselves in the village of Kanchipuram.

Using their weaving skills, they began creating beautiful designs of the figures they saw in the temples surrounding the town on the entrancing Kanjeevaram silk sarees. Soon after, this lovely fabric gained notoriety and became a must-have item. Today, Kanjeevaram sarees are a part of every wardrobe as well as kanjeevaram silk sarees online shopping is a must search on every platform.

Special attributes

The Pallu and the borders of the Kanjeevaram silk saree are woven separately before coming together, which is one of its most unique characteristics. The pitni is another name for the zigzag pattern that connects the two pieces. The Kanjeevaram saree’s pallu typically has a very different pattern and colour from the body.

One of the strongest and most resilient fabrics is the Kanjeevaram sarees fabric. The saree is more durable because it is made of three silk threads twisted with silver wire. Kanjeevaram sarees typically weigh up to two kg.

Patterns and Types

Kanjeevaram sarees have beautiful mythical tales woven into the pattern from the beginning and exquisite temple figures. The border of the Kanjeevaram sarees also features general paintings and themes from other temples. The bodies of these stunning creatures have floral buttas, stripes, and Temple motifs.

The Kanjeevaram silk saree, which first appeared as a nine-yard marvel, has long been in high demand. It quickly gained popularity, and a six-yard weave was added. Today Kanjeevaram Sarees online are most searched as a festive wedding attire by many.

Hindi film and Kanjeevaram

The heart of Bollywood beauties belongs to this six-yard beauty. From seasoned Bollywood actors to newcomers, Kanjeevaram has consistently been a show-stopper for them!


A pleated saree is one of the most popular saree draping designs. This saree-wearing technique works best for brides who wear either traditional Kanjeevaram sarees or trendy sarees. Elegance and sophistication are guaranteed with a high-neck blouse and a cotton saree with pleats.

Sarees are a woman’s closest friend since they will always support her at every event she needs to attend. Therefore, choosing a store to buy them from is a significant choice. Kanjeevaram silk sarees online shopping from websites like Taneira is the place to go if you want to buy a Kanjeevaram silk saree because of the easy and convenient buying experience and the enormous selection.

Every Kanjeevaram sarees you see on the online platforms has been carefully chosen and designed by the best, keeping the most recent fashion trends in mind. You may find the ideal Kanjeevaram sarees online for any drape and occasion, whether you want to try the indo-western or trouser Kanjeevaram silk saree style.

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