Feeling Burnt Out from Rideshare Driving

Feeling Burnt Out from Rideshare Driving? Ask These 5 Questions

Driving for a ridesharing service can be a lucrative side gig or even a full-time job. But, it often requires a great deal of energy and focus, making it a prime candidate for burnout. It’s important to take a break from driving for rideshare companies if you’re feeling exhausted.

Here are five questions to ask yourself when you’re feeling rideshare driving burnout.

Question 1: Am I driving too much?

Excessive hours behind the wheel are a leading source of fatigue among rideshare drivers. It’s tempting to put in extra hours at the office in the hopes of increasing your paycheck, but doing so comes with the risk of burnout if you don’t take breaks. There’s a chance you’re putting in more hours at the office than you bargained for, or more miles on the road, or both. Idle time or fewer hours behind the wheel might be in order if this is the case.. You could also consider renting a rideshare vehicle instead of using your own car, which can help you set more strict limits on your driving hours.

Question 2: Am I driving in the right area?

For example, if you’re a rideshare driver and you’re travelling in the wrong region, you could be adding to your own stress and fatigue. You’re more prone to burn out if you spend a lot of time behind the wheel in a high-stress, high-traffic location. To lessen the impact of traffic, it could be beneficial to relocate or alter your travel schedule. To lessen your anxiety while driving, you might consider changing your route to one that takes you through a more tranquil setting.

Question 3: Am I taking care of myself?

Not taking care of yourself is a leading contributor to burnout among rideshare drivers. You’ll tire out more quickly if you don’t take care of yourself by eating right, getting enough sleep, and exercising consistently. Taking care of yourself is crucial for avoiding burnout. It’s important to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating right, sleeping sufficiently, and working out frequently to stay focused and safe. To alleviate stress, you might also benefit from trying any form of meditation or relaxation exercise.

Question 4: Am I setting boundaries?

As a rideshare driver, it’s crucial to establish limits. Accepting too many rides or working too many hours might lead to exhaustion. Establishing and maintaining limits is crucial. For instance, you may restrict the total number of hours you put in each week or day. You can limit the customers you pick up or the places you drive in as well.

Question 5: Do I need a break?

Taking a break can be the healthiest option sometimes. If you’ve reached your driving limit or are just plain tired, it might be best to take a break. A gap could be as brief as a couple of days or as long as a couple of weeks. Recharging your batteries and avoiding burnout are both benefits of taking a break.


It’s important to stand back and take stock if you’re feeling burned out as a rideshare driver. If you’re feeling burned out, ask yourself the five questions above. It’s possible you need to cut back on your driving time or move to a different place. Maybe you need to take better care of yourself, establish some limits, or just take a break. You may avoid burnout and keep enjoying your time behind the wheel of a ridesharing by addressing these concerns.

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