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My girlfriend and I have been talking about threesomes, but we don’t know how to turn fantasy into reality. There are so many ads on Google, such as how to find a unicorn, swingers, but it’s one thing to browse ads online, but actually meeting someone is another matter. I have always hoped that these encounters are organic and only happen naturally, but when can they bring such things?

When I had to open my calendar and said, “We will finish eating after dinner at 8:00 next Friday.” I would rather let things happen because they happened, but I don’t know how to arrange it.

I know my girlfriend has had some experiences with other women. Before we started a threesome, some of the girls had a breakdown. During sex, I sometimes refer to these girls and my experiences with them. First of all, ambient lighting is essential. I bought mood lights in different colors and would change the color and form of the lights depending on who I was dating. Secondly, flowers and candles are also commonly used items. If I don’t have dinner, I’ll also bring out steak and red wine. After eating, take another bath full of petals. I would fill the room with sexual possibilities and my girlfriend would be sexy.

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I think the best way to manage this is to start inviting selected people to dinner, give them a few glasses of wine, and then talk about open relationships and see what happens. I will lead the conversation and see how these people will play with us.

I think this is better than contacting strangers because you never know how much a stranger respects your limits. At the same time, in order to test my girlfriend’s ideas in open relationships and threesome, I started to do some flirting with other girls and then told her. I started to flirt in public, send out my number, and maybe even steal a kiss here and there. I began to watch carefully whether she was serious about letting me play. I always say that my plan is to let these girls go home to see her.

So far, the entire plan has been transforming her. My goal is to move on and let us quickly be in bed with another woman, maybe as an ordinary playmate! I will release it to you in time. Of course, when I told my girlfriend about all the plans I had carefully planned, she just said: “It’s all so stupid. You can join top5 unicorn dating sites. “I think I am old hand.

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