How To Choose The Right Laundry Basket For Your Home

A Laundry basket is a holding device for dirty laundry or a way to get the laundry from your home to the point of washing.

The laundry basket,  (called in Germany),serves a very important purpose even though many other storage containers can replace it. The laundry basket is designed to keep dirty clothes separate from clean clothes until they are ready to be laundered. Keeping dirty laundry separate from clean clothing also helps prevent musty odors from reaching your clean clothing, which can damage them over time.

There are some things that you need to keep a close eye on when you are choosing the right laundry basket for your home. In the end, you just want something that is going to be able to get the job done and last a long time. Whether you are looking for something made out of wood, stainless steel or mesh fabric, you need to make sure that it has some unique features and will last a long time. Choosing the right laundry basket can be a stressful experience, but with these tips and suggestions, you will not be stressed anymore.

How do you plan to use the laundry basket?

If you are looking for a basket that will be used in the bathroom, then your options will be limited. The best choice is a rattan laundry basket, which has a lid and comes with a removable washable liner. This basket is ideal for holding toiletries and towels and looks nice as well.

If you are looking for a basket that will be used in the bedroom, then your options will be greater. You can choose from plastic, canvas, mesh and even wicker baskets. A wicker hamper is an attractive addition to any bedroom and can be found in a variety of colors and styles. It may not hold as much laundry as some of the other options, but it does look nice.

What size is the laundry basket you’re looking for?

Laundry baskets are designed to hold all your dirty clothes until it’s time to wash them. They can be used in bedrooms, bathrooms or anywhere else where clothes may collect. The size of the basket depends on how much space you have and how many items of clothes you need to put away.

How often do you do laundry? If you’re single and only do a load of laundry every few weeks, a smaller basket might be sufficient. If you have children or a big family, however, this might not be enough space to hold all the dirty clothes that pile up over the course of a week.

What kind of material do you want?

The material that your laundry basket is made from will determine how durable it is, how easy it is to clean, and how well it suits the style of your home. Plastic laundry baskets can be very cheap to buy but they can break easily. Wicker baskets are good because they are resistant to bacteria and mold and they look great too but you may find that they leak a little bit if your clothes get too wet. Wooden Laundry Baskets, (called by Germans), are also great for storing laundry.

What Style do you want to have?

Laundry baskets come in all sorts of styles and designs these days. Some have handles for easier carrying and others can function as storage bins when they aren’t being filled with dirty laundry. Choose one that fits into your home décor.

How much does it cost?

Laundry baskets come in a wide range of prices, so you want to make sure that you get one that is not too expensive. Some laundry baskets are made with more durable materials than others, so they last longer and cost more.

Are locks important?

If you are going to use your laundry baskets for more than just the laundry room (think kids rooms or bathrooms), then consider getting lockable lids. This will keep the contents from spilling out and it also keeps others from rummaging through your things.


Do you want wheels or will you be putting this in a closet or under a bed?

If you have a lot of heavy washing to do, consider getting wheels on your laundry basket. This makes is easier for people who have mobility issues as well as those who have back problems. It can also help if you have to carry multiple loads of washing up and down stairs or across long distances in the house. Essentially, if it’s hard getting your washing to the laundry room, get some wheels!

Are you looking for a more decorative laundry basket?

Dirty clothes are an inevitable part of life, but how they are stored need not be dull and boring. The laundry basket is absolutely one of those items in your home that you should use to add pattern, texture and visual intrigue to your interior.

Do you need an open top or a lid?

Do you want an open top or a lid? Baskets with lids,  (called in German Language), are great if you want to keep your laundry out of sight, but open baskets allow for airflow which helps prevent mold and mildew.

If you have children, you may want to go with a hamper that has a lid because you can close it shut, hiding the dirty clothes from view and preventing them from falling onto the floor.

How much storage space is available?

If space is an issue, look for baskets that can collapse into themselves when not in use. Some baskets are designed with multiple compartments to hold different types of clothing at one time. These are good options if you want to separate colored clothes from whites before washing them. There are also many different styles of baskets available today, so choose one that fits your home decor style as well as your budget and personal preferences.


Laundry baskets are a must-have for every home. Not only do they help keep your space neat and tidy, but they also make doing laundry easier than ever. Whether you’re looking for a more decorative laundry basket or one that’s purely functional, Above are some of our favorite laundry baskets on the market right now.

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