Fleece for Athletes

Finding the Best Fleece for Athletes

In the cold weather, there is nothing better than fleece. Made of synthetic fibers, fleece is loved for its softness, warmth, breathability, and lightness.

Not only is fleece great as activewear, especially when worn outdoors and in cold and dry weather, but it can be used to make a variety of clothing types, including pants, sweatshirts, jackets, vests, hats, and even gloves.

One of the most commonly sought out fleece clothing items – especially in the case of activewear – is the running pant.

Typically held up with the assistance of an elastic waistband, elastic bands at the ankles, and pockets, running pants are designed in a way that is loose-fitting so that a variety of activities can be performed, including jogging, and hiking, or outdoor fitness.

Other popular fleece items include tops, sweatshirts, vests, and jackets – both of which are designed to layer so that the wearer can regulate their body temperature while moving about.

Many of these items also include hoods that can be raised or lowered (to cover your head) and a full-length zipper closure that can be adjusted to keep the item entirely closed or partially open for access to cool air.

Some of these – especially garments that have sleeves – items are also smartly designed in a way that allows for sleeves to be completely removed.

And what about outerwear accessories? For those of you who prefer all fleece items, you can also get hats and gloves in this fabric as well – which is perfect for cooler and drier weather.

Not only do these items provide their users with an excellent source of warmth, but they aren’t bulky, which means they can be easily stored away in the pockets of your other fleece items if keeping them on is making you feel too warm.

There are many benefits to wearing fleece – especially in the case of activewear.

Not only is this clothing material highly breathable (which means it allows any skin perspiration to evaporate easily), but it ensures excellent comfort and flexibility (especially as you are moving about).

That said, there are some limitations to fleece material – namely, it is typically not weather-resistant.

As such, users should refrain from wearing it during a heavy rainstorm or in the midst of snow and sleet.

During the summer months, experts suggest steering away from fleece as being under such warm material could increase the risk and likelihood of heatstroke.

This, of course, all depends on the thickness and plushness of the fleece fabrics you are wearing.

If you are curious about the types of fleece that exist, here is a list of the more popular types:

Cotton or Cotton Blended Fleece

Among the more commonly used fleece is the type that is cotton or cotton blended. This kind of fleece is typically used to make sweatpants and sweatshirts because it has a smoother outer surface and a plush inner nap.

French Terry Fleece

Experts agree that the texture of french terry fleece is one that grants athletes great benefit. The reason for this is because this kind of fleece is unbrushed on both sides – namely, it does not have the typical fluffy nap that exists on most fleeces.

This kind of fleece is also much thinner and flatter than other varieties.

Lycra Spandex Fleece

Many athletes also claim that they enjoy using lycra spandex fleece. Not only is this a stretchy fabric, but it is great as a performance fleece.


Another great option is microfleece which is a thin and soft double-sided fleece.

As a result of its construction as a lightweight item, microfleece helps wick moisture away from the body – and as an athlete, there are obvious benefits to a material like this one.

Polar Fleece

If, however, you need a material that is best suited for colder climates, a great option would be polar fleece. This variety of fleece is typically used in blankets and jackets because it is much thicker and warmer.

Polyester Fleece

Another great option for athletes is polyester fleece.

Like fleece that is cotton or cotton blend, polyester fleece is similar in that its outside is smooth and plush inside.

That said, it differs from cotton fleeces in that its smooth part typically has a shiny appearance. This fleece variety is also much better at repelling moisture.

Sherpa Fleece

If you need fleece to keep warm, another great option is sherpa fleece which is 100 percent polyester.

This kind of fleece is meant to mock the look of wool fleece (thus its fluffy quality) and is typically used inside garments as a liner for added warmth.

Slub Fleece

If you are looking for a fleece fabric that has a textured look, you might consider using a slub. This material is typically knitted together using two different-sized yarns that are twisted together.

Final Words

Whether you need a top, vest, jacket, or sweatpants, there are many varieties of fleece to meet your desired needs.

These fleece clothing items can be made using a cotton/polyester blend, 100 percent polyester, or even eco-friendly recycled materials.

No matter which material type you select, know that fleece is a great option, especially if you are an athlete who is constantly moving in different weather elements.

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