Tips For Booking A UK Holiday

Booking a holiday abroad is probably too risky for you. International travel has been shaky for the last year. Putting money down as a deposit is a bit of a gamble these days. With that said, I would personally be on one of the first flights abroad when the borders eventually open up.

A UK staycation is one of the safer options for travelers. A staycation simply means stay and vacation in your own home country. The truth is that taking a staycation is probably our best bet for actually getting a holiday this year.

There’s plenty of tips you already know about when it comes to booking a staycation. However, it’s still a good idea to give yourself a refresher. Below are seven things you should look for when you book a holiday at home.

  1. Check Out Many Vacation Rental Companies

This tip sounds simple, but the first thing most people do is head over to or AirBnB. Those are not the only options you have, and there are plenty of smaller companies that provide the same service. In some cases, the smaller companies are cheaper.

You can check out sites like VRBO, which specializes in family stays and they don’t show shared spaced rentals. Plum Guide is another good option, and they have a list of luxury properties you can rent. Decide what you want and who is going with you before you settle on what kind of place you want to rent.

  1. Rent A Larger House For More Guests

If restrictions and regulations allow it, then consider renting a larger apartment if you plan on bringing several guests with you. Instead of renting two or more smaller properties, you can rent one large one. This will work out to be cheaper, and it also means you’ll have access to better amenities, as well as have more space.

  1. The Property Should Have A Kitchen

If you’re going to go on a vacation for a prolonged period of time, then make sure the place you’re going to rent has a kitchen. Having a kitchen means you can cook your food and prepare your own meals at times that are convenient for you. A kitchen will save you money and will cause less stress for you and your guests because you won’t have to get ready to head out to find a place to eat at.

  1. Cancellation Should Be Free

When you’re in the moment, everything can look as if it’s going up. However, lots of things can happen between the time you book your holiday to the day you are supposed to leave. This is why you want to book with a place that offers free cancellation. Also, make sure that there is a money back guaranteed, that way you can get the money back you put down for a deposit.

  1. Book As Early As You Can

It’s a good idea to book as early as you can, otherwise the best deals will be gone before you know it. Lots more people are taking staycations this year, which means you should see what’s available right now. If you see something you really like, then book it after you’ve compared other sites. The earlier you book, the longer you’ll have to payoff your holiday.

  1. Parking Spaces

If you’ll be driving your vehicle to your accommodation, then make sure there is parking available. This is even more important if you’ll be taking a holiday in a city. City parking can cost quite a bit and over the course of a week or two, parking fees can add up to a lot. Before you book a place, check to see if you can park your car or contact the rental company to ask if there is parking available.

  1. Bring A Boredom Box

If your destination is a place where there’s a good chance it will rain, then you should pack a boredom box. Be it for the kids or the adults, you’ll be glad that the boredom box was packed. A boredom box can consist of items such as Jenga, cards, checkers and so forth. The goal of a boredom box is to cure boredom on the days you can’t go out.


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