Fishing in the UK: The best places to start

Fishing is one of the biggest sports in the world and loved by many hobbyists. Anyone can pick up a fishing rod and enjoy a family day out by the water. A day’s fishing can reduce stress, improve focus, and help you to feel happier all around. Or, if you want to take things up a notch, you can go fishing in the big leagues with the proper gear.

It is also a good idea to some purchase some fishing tackle before you decide to head out to your venue

In the UK, you can only fish at certain times of year in specific areas. You need to check whether your desired fishing area is open or closed for the season. Some fishing spots in England require an angling club membership – while others charge a small permit fee. Do a little research and find out the fees for your local fishing spot. You will also need to buy a fishing license for the day from the government website.

When you arrive at the venue, make yourself aware of any areas with channels, drop-offs or boundaries from private lands. Here are some of the best fishing spots in the UK.


Catch a train to Portsmouth and enjoy a day’s fishing off Victoria Pier in the harbour. There is pollack, mackerel, wrasse, beam and garfish also available around the pier and ready for catching. You can use peeler crabs in the summer and ragworms in the winter. There are public toilets and parking near the pier as well.

Brighton, Sussex

Brighton is filled with independent shops, stunning graffiti and of course, the Brighton Marina. You can haul in pollock, cod, ling and massive conger eels if you’re lucky. You can also fish off the harbour wall or even from the beach for a chance to catch a smooth-hound shark. Just bear in mind that Brighton is one of Britain’s busiest seaside towns and far from the serene fishing experience you might be after.

Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Norfolk is a beautiful place to visit for a summer staycation – bring the kids and spend the day fishing together! Visit the canals just outside of Great Yarmouth and have a go at catching some massive pike. You may also catch bream, roach, perch and carp.

Perth, Central Scotland

Head up North to Scotland and explore the medieval castles of Perth. Or, head to the River Tay and start salmon fishing. If Salmon doesn’t pick your fancy, drive a few miles down the road to Loch Leven and catch some trout.

Windermere, Cumbria

As the largest natural lake in England, it’s no surprise that Windermere is a great fishing spot. There is everything from eels to sea trout in Lake Windermere.

It’s time to try a new hobby and venture into the world of UK fishing.

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