Five Tactics for Marketing Your Insurance Business Online

A few years back, most healthcare insurance companies focused largely on traditional marketing tactics. Though these strategies might have done (and still do, to some extent) the trick, the fact remains: Your business can’t succeed today without digital marketing.

Your overall online presence acts more like an elevator pitch for your insurance business. Prevention Digital advise you to get a pro-level digital marketing strategy to help you implement conversion-focused, digital marketing scopes and methods that will enable you to connect more clients with your brand and outrank your rivals.

1.  Focus on Local SEO, Don’t Miss Out on Opportunities

Referred to as local search engine optimisation, Local SEO is an organic way of promoting your insurance business on Google search results, and Google Maps, to potential clients within your vicinity.

If a person residing in your geographical location needs a health insurance provider from this area, the first thing they’re likely to do is run a Google search and look through the companies on the top list of the search results.

As you may probably know, your major competition is other local insurance agencies in your area. By taking advantage of Local SEO, your company will have a better chance of showing up on the top list of local search results. In other words, when potential local clients do searches like “healthcare insurance provider near me”, they can find you first, not your competition.

What’s more, this SEO strategy will help you reach several clients within a short period. Are you aware that 76% of local searches made on Google lead to in-person visits in less than 24 hours? That’s how important local SEO is for your insurance business.

Aside from optimising your Google My Business account, as we’ll discuss shortly, an essential local SEO strategy you should implement is optimising your website for local search. Here are a few key ways to achieve this:

  • Include keywords naturally (including location-related keywords) related to insurance, such as “healthcare insurance services”, “healthcare insurance provider in (insert city)”, and many others in strategic places across your website.
  • Be sure to have an accurate physical address on your website’s homepage and ensure your business location on Google Maps reflects that on your website.
  • Ensure the business telephone number on your website is correct and visible at the top of every web page.

Consider listing your healthcare insurance business on local directories. Having consistent NAP business information (Name, Address, Phone Number) across these directories will also improve your local search rankings and boost your brand’s online visibility.

Pro TIP: Performing a local SEO audit can help you identify gaps in your SEO strategy that might lower your rankings.

2.  Have a Verified Google My Business (GMB) Account

A GMB platform is among the most effective solutions to enhancing your local SEO efforts. By utilising this free tool effectively, your business will have a higher possibility of appearing on the Google local pack listings ( a Google feature that highlights the three most relevant companies and their respective locations on google maps after a user performs a local search)

If your goal is to increase your business’s online exposure, securing a verified GMB profile is worth your attention. To ensure your company’s GMB listing ranks on search results, you need to optimise your GMB profile in the following ways:

  • Ensure that the business description section on your profile features accurate and relevant keywords that reflect the different health insurance plans you provide. You’ll be signalling Google the keywords you’re trying to rank for by adding these terms.
  • Write relevant, keyword-driven content about your insurance business in the GMB post section.
  • Add videos and photos to your GMB posts. Showcasing your health insurance agency through visuals will give potential clients a good first impression of your business.
  • Google displays online reviews on GMB accounts. Encouraging current clients to leave reviews about your services will make your brand appear credible to people who come across your profile, increasing your chances of attracting new clients.
  • Overall, ensure all the information on your GMB profile is correct.

3.  Put a Name and Face to Your Brand

When selecting a healthcare insurance provider, it’s natural for people to gravitate towards a brand they recognise first from a list or one that comes to mind first. For this reason, you must keenly focus on strengthening your brand identity. Work proactively towards making your insurance business known and heard.

While marketing your company across different platforms, consistently use cohesive branding and value statements to remind potential clients who you are and what your brand stands for.

Connect with your target audience through memorable brand stories that allow them to imagine the conveniences your health insurance plans will bring to their lives. Let your insurance team be at the centre of these stories, as this will make your brand seem approachable and likeable.

4.  Leverage SEO to Create Valuable Health Insurance Content

Prospective clients seeking health insurance-related information often type specific words and phrases in search engines.

It’s essential to carry out thorough keyword research frequently to discover these popular industry-specific search terms and phrases, and use them to create content pieces that will attract a wider audience and increase your website’s ranking on search engines.

Producing optimised content will reinforce your company’s unique value as an expert health insurance provider. Potential clients who repeatedly click and read your helpful content can develop an interest to make inquiries about your insurance plans.

5.  Keep an Eye on and Solve Consumers’ Pain Points

As a healthcare insurance marketer, you need to remain attentive to your niche audience’s pain points. Through regular, timely research, you can identify common healthcare insurance-related concerns to create blog posts on. That way, it becomes easier for you to create content that meets the needs of potential clients at the right time.

Harness The Power of Digital Marketing and Watch Your Insurance Business Grow

As a modern-day insurance business in the ever-competitive industry, embracing digital marketing solutions is an absolute must. We’ll take you through how you can ensure your brand gets the recognition it needs amid the cut-throat competition.

Having a digital presence that’s up to par is a sure way for your business to thrive in such a saturated marketplace.

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