Five Ways to Channel Effortless Mediterranean Understated Luxury in Your Wardrobe

Five Ways to Channel Effortless Mediterranean Understated Luxury in Your Wardrobe

Mediterranean stylings ooze luxury but without being flashy. They are incredibly fashionable but still effortless. They are professional but still cool. There’s no wonder, then, that many are looking to channel that Mediterranean vibe in their wardrobe – and here are 5 ways you can do this too.

1.   Consider the colour palette.

When you think about the Mediterranean, what sort of colours come to mind? Of course, you have the deep blue sea, clear blue skies, dusty white clouds, and sandy beaches. Buildings are often cool-toned or decorated in rich terracotta and bright mosaics.

Use these colours to inspire your colour palette. Think blues, turquoise, and warm, red-toned hues for bright statements. Mix these with muted natural browns, greens, beiges, creams and whites to get that real Mediterranean feel.

2.    Keep it crisp and clean

High-quality tailoring is an absolute must for getting that effortless Mediterranean look. Opt for some suits and shirts for men that fit your body perfectly and keep them looking freshly pressed.

Forgo the tie and keep the top couple of buttons undone – don’t be afraid to show a bit of chest. This will ensure that your smart look will still have that effortless feel.

A crisp white shirt will immediately give any outfit a luxurious makeover. Whether you pair it with jeans, a suit, or shorts, the white shirt is evocative of a successful Mediterranean businessman having a morning espresso al fresco – especially with a pair of aviator shades!

3.   Opt for lighter materials

Of course, in warmer climates like the Mediterranean, lighter materials are a necessity. Though they aren’t a must for the Great British weather, lighter materials nevertheless give any outfit an air of effortless sophistication and channel that Mediterranean vibe.

Some of the best lightweight materials include breathable cotton, linen, and silk. Think pale linen suits, oversized silk shirts, and fitted pure cotton t-shirts. If you are layering with heavier or bulkier items, try to opt for fine knitwear, more open weaves, and thinner, more luxurious materials like cashmere.

4.   Build around core pieces

It has to be – well – effortless to get that effortless look! It’s got to be simple yet still look effortlessly cool and sophisticated. The best way to do this is to build a capsule wardrobe.

Start with a few core pieces you love, and build your wardrobe around these items. The key is ensuring that all your pieces are versatile and will work well with every other item in your closet.

Of course, you will also want to opt for higher-quality pieces – so keeping your closet small means you won’t break the bank.

5.   Don’t forget shoes and accessories.

In terms of shoes, brown brogues are an awesome staple for professional or formal settings, as they will go with practically every outfit. You might also consider boat shoes, loafers, and other slip-on shoes for that ‘just off the beach’ vibe.

For accessories, again, keep it simple. Opt for a statement watch, or a straw hat, for example. Let your accessories express your personality, but still, allow the outfit itself to sing.

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