4 Reasons Why Sunscreen is a Must in Your Skin-Care Routine

4 Reasons Why Sunscreen is a Must in Your Skin-Care Routine

Many of us have heard about applying sunscreen, when going to a beach or if you are going to spend more time in the sun. Well, we should make an effort to go beyond this and make it a part of our skin-care routine. 

Even if you use the best skincare products and go for fancy facial treatments, by skipping sunscreen your skin is not getting the full benefits. Make the most out of your skin-care regime by including a sunscreen step. 

Sunscreen is an important part of the sun protection regime that also includes seeking shade, wearing protective clothing, avoiding UV tanning, and UV-blocking sunglasses. 

How to Choose Sunscreen for Your Skin Type?

Just like when you buy a beauty product, you look for ingredients if it will match your skin type or not, you need to do some research before buying sunscreens as well. Let’s look at some tips to follow when buying sunscreen according to your skin type.

  • If you have dry skin then you need a sunscreen that can act as a moisturizer at the same time. 
  • For oily, acne-prone skin, a water-based sunscreen is usually recommended that comes in a gel form. 
  • If you have sensitive skin, you need to avoid ingredients that lead to skin irritation like alcohol, fragrances, and preservatives. 
  • For kids, use gentler sunscreens made especially for them as adult sunscreen can be harsh for their skin.

Here are some reasons why you should be wearing sunscreen regularly.

Prevents Signs of Ageing 

Sun damage is the main cause of premature aging. Aged skin has features of discoloration, leathery skin, fine lines, and less collagen. Moreover, you need sunscreen to boost the effect of other anti-aging skin products. 

The type and quality of sunscreen you use is the most important factor that decides how it works for your skin. If you are planning for a summer holiday then try mineral antioxidant sunscreen SPF 50+ to prevent sun-induced wrinkles. 

Lowers Risk of Skin Cancer 

Sunscreen protects the skin by blocking ultraviolet radiation (UV) from being absorbed by the skin. Repeated exposure to UV radiation can lead to sunburn and increases the risk of skin cancer

So it’s important to protect your skin before you step outside in daylight. For daily sunscreen use, you should go with a broad spectrum SPF or higher than 30 SPF for sun protection. 

Reapplication of sunscreen is also important as applying it in the first place. It’s best to reapply after every two hours. 

Maintains Even Skin Tone 

You may have experienced discoloration on your skin and have more than one skin tone on your face. The reason why it happens is that your skin gets exposed to the sun’s rays without any protective layer.

Even if you use an expensive retinol cream, it won’t be effective in reducing the appearance of sun spots and discoloration without sunscreen. 

Avoid Skin Inflammation and Redness 

If you spend a long time in the sun without sunscreen, it can result in sunburn, skin reddening, and inflammation. The affected skin area turns red because the blood flow is directed to it for repair. 

You can greatly reduce the chances of inflammation and skin redness by wearing high-quality sunscreen before doing your makeup.

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