Fix and Lock Your PDFs with GoGoPDF

Provided that most professionals in any industry are using electronic files in PDF construct, we must learn more about these PDFs. Aside from they are vastly used nowadays, they are also very convenient to use. They are versatile and reliable in many situations. However, there are various instances wherein they could end up as damaged or corrupted ones.

How do we handle these unwanted circumstances? And how about for people who are managing confidential records in PDF construct? Are there free online tools to encrypt them with solid security? With GoGoPDF, you can do more than repairing and locking your PDFs!

Fixing Your Damaged PDFs

Before we discuss how to repair PDF file, we must first identify the few reasons for these PDF corruptions. So how do we end up having these damaged or corrupted PDFs? You must start practicing not to perform too many tasks while downloading a particular file. This unnecessary traffic may be the reason for damaging your PDFs.

Also, power or system sudden interruption during the upload or download phase may cause these file corruptions. These interruptions are sometimes inevitable, and you will need a PDF repair function to recover your content. You can only do this task if you subscribed and installed the Adobe program. But if you want to do it for free, you can maximize GoGoPDF.

On GoGoPDF’s home page, you can see that there are many options for PDF tasks. But for this one, click the “Repair PDF” option. You can drag and drop to upload your corrupted PDF, and then two fast loading meters will load. The first one loads as it uploads your PDF, and the other one for the repairing process.

The repair extent may vary depending on the damage severity. Nevertheless, GoGoPDF can recover your lost content. Within less than one minute, you can now save your newly repaired PDF! If you want to share your PDF file faster via social media or other webmail platforms, you can copy-paste the PDF URL.

Protecting PDFs with Passwords

We are all aware of how competitive the corporate world is, so you better plan your steps way ahead of your competitors.  Before you upload and share your PDF online, you must learn how to password-protect it and keep it sealed from unwanted viewers. If you need a free and fast-working PDF protector, you can take advantage of GoGoPDF.

You can optimize its 128-AES encryption protocol to safeguard your PDFs with personalized passwords. It must contain capital letters, numerals, and symbols to pass the GoGoPDF password requirements. The same upload method will be used to protect PDFs, and you will be asked to input your password twice for a proper double-check.

Then, click “Encrypt PDF,” and you can start saving your newly protected file. Again, you can still use the file URL for a quick online share. Just for additional information, you can also unlock your encrypted PDFs using GoGoPDF. Provided that you are the authorized person to open it, you can take advantage of this free unlock tool.

Is GoGoPDF Safe To Use?

Since we are talking about sensitive or confidential files, we have to know if GoGoPDF is safe to use. GoGoPDF is committed to the highest consumer privacy standards and provides an excellent secure SSL connection. Its highly efficient security system allows it to outshine other available online PDF converters!

All the files you upload and process to GoGoPDF are permanently removed within a 60-minute interval. Thus, any attempting competitor will not have enough time to crack the system and grab your file. You can check out their privacy policy to see more details on how they handle their customer’s data with privacy and care.

Will GoGoPDF Consume Much Space?

Provided all these free tasks, will GoGoPDF consume a lot of disk space? Of course, meticulous and particular people will ask this question. Worry not, as GoGoPDF operates all your PDF tasks in their cloud! You can rest your worries about software installations as all of your processed electronic files are within the cloud.

You need not hassle yourself by purchasing Adobe programs and installing them. As long as you have your PDFs or other electronic files ready and have a good internet connection, you can do these PDF tasks anytime and anywhere! Device compatibility? GoGoPDF supports all laptops, desktops, tablets, and even smartphones.


Thanks to the new and easy-to-use GoGoPDF, we can now manage our PDFs more straightforwardly. You need not waste your time to pay and install other programs and work your files online right away!

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