OMEGA WATCHES: A Collection Of Precision And Glamour

If you’re looking for a watch that could withstand any weather and extreme conditions, then the Omega brand is what you’ve been looking for in the market industry. This brand of watches is entirely made to survive any activities, whether it is an adventurous one, war, or sports-related conditions. -Most modern designs sport an automatic mechanism or are digital like a smartwatch. There are also mechanical ones by Omega that James Hampton-Smith of SpotTheWatch made a list. A mechanical design requires manual winding just like how pocketwatches and even clocks back then are operated.

Their creation of watches has been proven and tested over time and has been loved by most watch enthusiasts because of its beautiful designs and durability. Omega has many watches, but one of the most famous ones is the Omega Speedmaster and Seamaster series. Below are some new designs released under these two series.

Omega Seamaster –

This timepiece is one of the Omega’s dive watch heritage designed entirely for people who love to explore the open seas. The design of this watch has a perfect combination of elegance and class just for men. For people who love exploring the seas’ depths, this watch is their perfect gear to track time underwater.

The watch has a mother sundial and two subdials in black tone. The one subdial located on its 9 o’clock shows the seconds and the other at the 3 o’clock indicates minutes, and there is also a date indicator on its 6 o’clock. The hour markers and hands in an arrow style have a luminous fill in silver-tone, which is readable even in the dark.

A rotational bezel surrounds the dial with dark-tone; the bracelet and case are made of stainless steel sealed with a sapphire glass making it unbreakable in any weather condition. This timepiece choice watch has a water-resistant feature of 600 meters. All of the Omega watches online have their pricing, and this watch is priced at $ 6,379.

Omega Speedmaster – 329.

This Omega Speedmaster watch has a sophisticated style that is best for men. For people who love sports cars and racing, this timepiece is an excellent accessory. This watch’s look can easily be paired in any occasion and even when you’re wearing business attire.

Its dial’s grey color gives a stunning look to this watch, same with its two subdials outlined with gold-tone. The 18kt Sedna gold of its hand markers and hour markers are the perfect combination for its grey dial. The two subdials indicate the minutes and seconds, and it also has a date indicator where you can track the month’s date.

Its 44.25 mm round case is made of stainless steel material with a transparent back covered with sapphire crystal, making the watch unbreakable and scratch-proof. This automatic watch has a movement caliber of the watch at Omega 9900 with a water-resistant of 50 meters. The selling price of this timepiece online is $ 8,239.

Omega Seamaster –

This timepiece is considered one of the newest released models under the Seamaster series and one of the most favorite among men, not only because of its design and quality, but it also has a reasonable price at around $ 4,299. The watch’s vintage and elegant look is not only good for water-sports but also an excellent combination for casual wear.

This automatic timepiece will make an excellent addition to your very own watch collection. It has a silver-tone dial with a luminescence finish, its hour markers are colored in silver, and its hand markers in arrow design have a blue color making it stand out from its silver dial.

The case and bracelet are from stainless steel material in a round shape of 41.5mm in diameter. The dial and its skeleton back are protected with sapphire crystal making them scratch-proof.

This timepiece is suitable for water activities because of its water-resistant feature of 150 meters. The movement caliber if this classy looking watch is at Omega caliber 8500 with a 60 hours reserve.

The Different Milestones Of Omega Watches

Omega watches are not just an ordinary fashion watch where you can wear anywhere and with any different style of wardrobe. In case you don’t know yet, Omega watches has four various milestones, which keeps them ahead of the game.

First is they are the first-ever watch brought to the moon. Next is their watches are one of the official timekeepers of the Olympics dated in 1931. Next is one of the first watches featured by James Bond, and their watches were used in patented materials.


Omega watches are not just an ordinary collection of watches because each of them is built with its purpose, whether it is an accessory for divers, car racers, people in business, pilots, and more.

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