Optimum Health Coverage

Follow 10 Steps to Get Optimum Health Coverage

You do not want to leave any stone unturned when it comes to making the most out of your mediclaim policy. From optimum coverage to hassle-free claim settlement, you want everything smooth. But how to do it? The best way to be in a win-win situation is to buy mediclaim online after considering all the crucial factors. So, if you are overflooded with the information and stuck on how to reap those exclusive benefits, here are some crisp steps that you can follow:

Healthcare Needs:  For optimum health coverage, your first step is to opt for the plan as per your and your family’s healthcare needs. Every individual and family has different healthcare needs. Please do not buy a plan because your friend or relative recommended it.

Health Share Program:  Participating in a Health Share Program may be a more affordable option if you’re self-employed, don’t qualify for government help or don’t receive healthcare through your employer. You can learn about how Health Share Programs work such as UHSM (Unite Health Share Ministries), where members help share the cost of medical bills.

Never Hide Medical History: If you want to get the most out of your mediclaim policy, never hide your medical history while buying it. Opt the plan according to your past medical history that helps you get coverage if history repeats in the future.

Pre-existing Disease Cover: Pre-existing diseases? Fikr not! The best mediclaim policy offers you coverage for diabetes, hypertension, etc. You have to complete the waiting period for the same; however, if you or any other insured member is diagnosed with a pre-existing disease before completing the waiting period, your claim gets rejected.

Check Sub-limit/Co-payment Clause: Do you know the mediclaim policy also has a sub-limit and co-payment clause. It is a percentage of the claim that you have to pay from your pocket before the company settles your claim. So, opt for it wisely.

Check the List of Network Hospitals: For cashless hospitalization, it is always good to know about the network hospitals that are empaneled with the health insurance company. It helps you to make a quick decision during an emergency.

COVID-19 Cover: Do you know which is the best mediclaim policy during a pandemic? It is the one that comes with a COVID-19 COVER. You can buy mediclaim online from a company like Care Health Insurance that offers comprehensive coverage with COVID Care. Check their plans for more details.

Cashless Hospitalization: Why get into unnecessary debts for the treatment when you can get a cashless hospitalization facility under health coverage? It is one of the seamless benefits you can use under your mediclaim policy.

Look for Maximum Coverage: Do not compromise the policy coverage for a lower premium. Choose the plan that should include in-patient hospitalization, pre and post hospitalization, medication, diagnosis, OPD, AYUSH treatment, advanced surgeries, and more.

Claim Settlement: For quick claim settlement, prefer cashless hospitalization. If you get admitted to any non-network hospital, you can file for reimbursement, but you have to pay hospital bills from your pocket at the time of discharge.

Choose Higher CSR: Claim settlement ratio shows the credibility and reliability of health insurance companies to settle the claims.  If you want to be on the safer side when investing your hard-earned money on the best mediclaim policy, look for the higher CSR.


Companies like Care Health Insurance and IFFCO Tokio have 92.3% and 92.66% CSR, respectively. It means they have better credibility in the market. Rest you can check the details of their plans while visiting their official websites. Get yourself acquainted with information related to the mediclaim policy coverage, benefits, exclusions, claim process, etc. so to get optimum health coverage.

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