Google Thanks Coronavirus Helpers

Google Thanks Coronavirus Helpers – Google Honors Public Health Workers and Researchers

Google Doodle is well-known for making spontaneous changes to its homepage in order to commemorate familiar holidays, honor notable scientists, salute famous artists, and reflect current events. The Google Doodle today is dedicated to recognizing and thanking all public health workers and researchers around the globe for their contributions during the coronavirus pandemic.

Google Doodle says Thank you coronavirus helpers

This tribute is the first in a series of Google Doodles that was launched today to honor those who were involved in fighting the spread of disease to protect lives. The logo features a scientist standing at a podium explaining the concept of ‘flattening’ the curve to the audience. A love heart is flying towards him to show the company’s appreciation for the scientists and public health workers involved in the scientific community. Have a look at these:

Google also noted that people are now coming together to support one another more than ever due to the increasing impact of coronavirus in communities all over the world. The company previously urged people not to leave their homes to save lives.

During the pandemic, a number of countries across the globe paid collective public tributes. Citizens would go to their homes and windows to clap in appreciation for all the health care workers from their respective countries.

More than 100 nurses and doctors around the globe have died while caring for patients with the disease. One recent case was reported in the U.S. last Wednesday. Nearly 66 doctors have died in Italy, one of the most affected countries in the world. According to reports, Italy has been the victim of more than 9,000 cases of medical staff being infected. For such type of more blog visit :

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