Free Online Photography Courses to Take in 2020

Photographs are taken to stop precious moments, to remember events or places where we have been to. But sometimes you want to shoot something that will awaken emotions regardless of the memories, and you want to take a picture that will stand on the desk in the frame as if it opens a window into another world. The art of picture has recently become a window to the world of art. It’s the art we have created ourselves. Let’s check the list of top-notch photography courses in 2020 to gain hands-on skills.

Nikon School Online

It’s a unique educational project that has courses for beginners and advanced training. The school provides both free and fee-based courses. The introduction of free-of-charge traineeship will present the main camera settings and learn how to set up your camera to a specific shooting genre. In addition, you will find out what lenses are and how they can affect the result. The experienced instructors of Nikon School can give you practical tips on how to move forward in the photography industry. Do you still think of joining the school? Don’t waste any time, feel free to check speedy paper review and get writing help to solve your college issues, and enroll in the course to start doing what you really like to!

Digital Photography From Alison

Do you want to unlock your camera as soon as possible? The Alison platform teaches everything you have to know. Taking the course, you will learn the difference between full-frame and crop sensors. You will be taught to shoot in different styles applying the latest techniques. To become a successful graduate, a student should achieve at least 80% in each course section. All your results will be taken into account. According to them, you will get a downloadable certificate in the PDF format or a paper version certificate posted to your door. It could be a good supplement to your CV.

Photocritic Photo School

The school is famous for its high-quality education in photography. It has been teaching how to become a professional photographer for decades. The coherent process provides information from the basics to the innovative ways of shooting. Each student has a personal account with 21 recorded classes, 21 assignments that you are willing to do on your own, without begging, “Please, write an essay for me,” and 21 pieces of feedback from skilled teachers like Daniela Bowker and Haje Jan Kamps.

Photography Courses From Udemy

Udemy is an online platform with over 150,000 online courses. Here everyone can find a course to his taste and preference. If you are already a photographer who practices shooting on a rolling basis, enroll in one of 3,000 courses to boost your skills. You will learn to realize when and where you should take photos to get quality and clear images. Or you will get to know with documentary photography techniques.

If you just dream of becoming a cool professional who is in charge of taking pictures of celebrities for glossy magazines, don’t hesitate to complete training for beginners. You don’t need anything special to take this course. Take your time to study educational content. Keep in mind to buy some challenging papers from academic writers not to ruin your plans and put newly acquired knowledge into practice.

PetaPixel Tutorials

The PetaPixel Platform is dedicated only to photo guides. There are no classes or assignments you need to complete. The users can just pick up the section you are interested in, and here you go. You can find guides on how to transform a landscape picture, edit an underwater photo, make a camera strap, etc. Besides, if you have some tips you can share with other photographers, you can use a section, “Send a Tip,” and your piece of advice might be useful for someone.

Digital Photography Lectures From Marc Levoy

Do you want to get an adapted version of the university photography courses? Be quick to join Marc Levoy’s lectures. Suppose you want to learn more about photography from a scientific outlook and understand how to get a good picture. In that case, you can enjoy Stanford University professor, Marc Levoy, who will lecture a short course for beginners. The course is brief, but it summarizes all peculiarities of the digital photography course he teaches at Stanford. This online course involves some practical classes, so you need to have a digital camera if you want to take part in the optional weekly tasks.

Photography Classes from Skillshare

Skillshare is a kind of platform where its title speaks for itself. All creative people have already signed up for Skillshare courses in illustration, calligraphy, drawing, design, photography, etc. You can collaborate with a huge audience of users every day, get new knowledge, share your experience, unlock styles, and techniques you had never known before. Online classes consist of various prompts, audio, and video resources, including tapescripts, to revise new material every time you need it.

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