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What Type of Jigsaw Puzzle is Better and How Does it Help the Brain

One way to spend leisure time with friends or family is by playing cognitive exercises like Sudoku, crossword puzzles, and jigsaw puzzles. Nowadays, most children are not familiar with these kinds of games anymore. Technological advancements have replaced traditional hobbies with digital ones. Although it is not a bad thing that the world’s technology continues to develop, too much of it can be bad as well. It is also important to spend less time staring at the screen for our health’s sake. Playing wooden jigsaw puzzles is a healthy way to replace these somewhat negative habits of screen addiction.

What is a jigsaw puzzle?

A jigsaw puzzle is an image that is cut into irregular shapes that interlock with each other. These shapes are matched together to build the image. The pieces are easily and quickly interlocked, but it doesn’t guarantee that the created image is systematically correct. A jigsaw puzzle requires time and skill. The people playing it must think critically and logically to ensure that they fit the correct pieces together. 

Cardboard or wood?

The conventional material used in 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles is cardboard, but some manufacturers also produce wooden jigsaw puzzles. When choosing which jigsaw puzzle material to purchase, it is important to consider its quality, durability, cost, and accessibility.

Since cardboard jigsaw puzzles are the most common, they are often more accessible and easily found in the market. They also cost less than jigsaw puzzles made of wood. However, the cardboard material may easily get worn out after being used continuously. They are also more susceptible to getting torn apart, especially when they get wet. They are also lighter, which means that they are easily blown away by strong winds. 

On the other hand, jigsaw puzzles made of wood are sturdier and more durable. However, they might be more expensive and less accessible than cardboard puzzles. Nevertheless, higher cost means higher quality. They are heavier and more stable. Even if they get wet, they won’t break or get torn apart. Wood also does not break even if it falls on the ground. Wooden jigsaw puzzles will certainly last longer than cardboard jigsaw puzzles, especially when they are very well taken care of.

Why should you buy jigsaw puzzles?

  • Solving jigsaw puzzles is a mental exercise. The left part of the brain is in charge of being logical and objective, while the right part helps in creativity and emotions. When playing jigsaw puzzles, both of these parts work together, not just one. They enhance critical thinking and creativity, improving the cognitive functions of the brain.
  • Solving puzzles also improves attention to detail. It is crucial in jigsaw puzzles to carefully examine every piece and ensure that they fit together correctly. Some puzzle pieces are small, meaning the person playing it must look into the tiny details of how each piece looks. Having great attention to detail is important in solving puzzles and real life and work. Being able to look at the tiniest details will help in producing better quality of work.


Solving jigsaw puzzles is a healthy way to spend recreational time. People can play with friends or by themselves. Either way, it is a great way to improve the cognitive functions of the brain. It is a healthy mental exercise and helps in improving attention span and attention to details. Jigsaw puzzles are either made of cardboard or wood. Both provide the same function, but wooden puzzles may be the better option for quality and longevity.

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