Rinse and Repeat How Shampoo Is Made

Rinse and Repeat How Shampoo Is Made

Have you been switching between shampoos and still feel unsatisfied with the results?

When your shampoo isn’t doing the job you need it to, it’s hard to know what to do. Many people make the mistake of thinking that all shampoos are the same. But the truth is that there are differences between each kind.

If you want to find out how shampoo is made, read on and we’ll tell you everything you need to know.

The Basics of Shampoo

Many people don’t realize that it’s a substance known as sebum that makes their hair feel greasy when they don’t regularly wash it. This is an important compound that coats your skin and air hair follicles. Sebum is what makes your hair shine, but can also make your hair look dirty if you let too much of it build up.

When you wash without soap or shampoo, it’s easy to rinse away sand and debris from your body. But oils such as sebum stay behind.

How Shampoo Works on the Hair

Since shampoo contains detergent, it works in a similar way to other kinds of soaps. Detergents do their job by lowering the surface tension of water. This makes water particles less likely to stick to themselves so that they can instead attract oils like sebum.

Detergents are hydrophilic, which means that they repel water. This is why it’s so easy to wash shampoo away from your hair when you put your head underwater. When you wash away shampoo from your hair, you’re also washing away excess sebum oils.

How Shampoo Is Made

There are two main steps to the process of making shampoo: manufacturing, and packaging. In order to manufacture shampoo, workers mix various compounds into huge stainless steel tanks that can hold three thousand gallons or more.

It’s the job of a formulating chemist to keep track of what compounds go into the mixture. The shampoo then goes through a quality control check in order to make sure that everything is up to a company’s standards.

Since it’s so expensive to own and operate a manufacturing plant, many shampoo companies make the wise choice of hiring a company such as BPI Labs to manufacture shampoos for them. By making this choice, they’re able to produce their shampoos on a larger scale. If you’re looking for a place to manufacture your products, why not work with BPI?

Manufacturing Shampoo at Scale Is Easy

There are various steps to how shampoo is made. Many shampoo producers make the smart decision of hiring a company to manufacture their products. This makes it easier for them to focus their energy where it matters most: to create the best possible formulas.

If you want to find out more about what it takes to manufacture personal care products at scale, don’t forget to check out the Business section of our website, where we publish many important articles on this subject.


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