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Top Reasons To Get A Dirt Bike For Commuting

Once you have discovered the thrill of being on a motorcycle you will quickly start to wonder whether this is the best way to commute and what bike to get. You are certainly not alone, the most recent census says there are over 600,00 motorcycles registered in Australia, many of these are used daily for commuting.

The reason is simple, it’s cost-effective and generally faster than sitting in traffic jams all the way to the office, which makes it much less stressful. But, when you’re considering what type of bike, you should spare a moment to think about the latest KTM dirt bikes Sydney.

What Counts As A Dirt Bike?

Dirt bikes are generally lightweight, durable, have minimal plastic components, and are naked. This, combined with large wheels and deep tyre tread means that they are great at riding off-road, over dirt and rocks.

Thanks to their lightness you can stand up easily while riding to help keep the ride smooth and manage the off-road terrain.

It may seem like a strange choice for your commute, you probably don’t go off-road on the way to work, but there are several good reasons to get a dirt bike:


All motorcycles are more economical than cars, they are lighter and have smaller engines, giving them better fuel economy. Of course, their lightness also means they have plenty of power.

Dirt bikes are some of the lightest, yet still powerful, motorbikes you can get. That makes them one of the most economical choices possible!

Very Maneuverable

Lean the motorcycle and it goes where you lean, especially if you’re looking where you want it to go. However, the heavier the bike the harder it is to maneuver at low speeds. That’s what makes dirt bikes a great choice. They are light which makes them very easy to handle, regardless of the speed.

You will also find that the riding position is elevated, making it much easier to see over vehicles and assess what is happening ahead. That makes overtaking safer and allows you to be better prepared for issues.

Cheap Parking

Motorcycles offer you cheap parking. In fact, in many cases, there is no charge to park a motorcycle. When you have a dirt bike they take up very little space, allowing you to park it almost anywhere and save yourself a considerable sum.

Weekend Riding

The biggest reason motorcyclists choose not to commute is that they want to save the pleasure for the weekend. However, it can be a lot of fun riding daily and you’ll gain some very useful experience. These new skills can then be taken into your weekend riding and improve the experience, even if you choose to head off-road.

You may be surprised how the two different riding experiences complement each other and help you improve your overall riding abilities.

Of course, it helps that you look good riding a motorcycle and a dirt bike shows that you are always ready for adventure…

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