Fresh vs Dried Magic Mushrooms Who Wins

Fresh vs. Dried Magic Mushrooms: Who Wins?

Where magic shrooms are concerned, it’s always been a battle of the fresh shrooms vs. their dried-out counterparts. Some will say the former tastes better, while others insist the latter is more to their liking.

We’ll let you decide which group produces the finest quality products by guiding you down the mushroom lane. We’ll discuss the most important matters to help you pick a side in the fried vs. dried mushroom battle.


Factors That Influence Magic Mushroom Selection

In a level playing field, you’ll be choosing between dried-out and fresh magic mushrooms. That means looking at storage, potency, dose, and other elements that influence consumption experience.


While magic mushrooms are dried out to preserve potency, it doesn’t alter the fact that they are most potent upon harvest. The only thing is that fresh mushrooms are a lot more difficult to store than dried ones.

Magic mushrooms can last up to 10 days in the fridge after harvesting. Past those 10 days, you can no longer be assured of a fine product with how the decomposition rate increases. Thus, if you’re planning to use your mushrooms for a period longer than 10 days, it is recommended that you dry them out properly.

There are various methods for drying magic shrooms, but using a dehydrator is the most convenient. Once dry, you would need to store these mushrooms in an airtight container.


As mentioned, the fresher your magic mushrooms are, the more magic happens. Those who swear by dried mushrooms might disagree, but there is science to back up the claims of fresh-shroom users.

Basically, fresh mushrooms deliver that intense bite on account of their fuller and more chemically saturated state. The weight also factors into potency, which is the reason fresh shrooms tend to edge ahead of their dry counterparts in that aspect.

Delving deeper into the science of things, it is actually psilocybin shrooms for sale, of which more traces are in raw mushrooms, that take you into that trippy state. Psilocin, responsible for converting psilocybin in the body to give shrooms their high, immediately degrades upon exposure to oxygen and heat. Hence, it’s safe to say that potency is directly related to freshness and vice versa.

It can also be argued that the sooner you consume a mushroom upon harvest, the trippier it is likely to get you. Even so, you likely won’t be eating the entire batch in one go, so it’s important to dry and store your shrooms correctly post-harvest.


We’ve touched a bit on weight in the previous section and how it is an element that correlates directly to dose. Remember, when you dehydrate fresh mushrooms, you remove about 90 percent of their weight, which influences your dose.

That means the lighter the shroom, the more you will need to consume to achieve the desired high. It may also follow that dried-out shrooms are more expensive because a higher volume is required to give you a good trip.

Then again, the correct dose is all about finding the amount of high you want in that particular moment. You also don’t want to get too high, as that could be a recipe for disaster.

Generally, when you’ve decided on your shroom preference, you’ll have to consider your body weight in relation to it. Note that micro dosing or full-on tripping could mean very different doses, depending on the shroom variety in question.


Most of the time, this would depend on an individual’s preference. In the first place, magic mushrooms are a completely different ball game in terms of taste when compared to store-bought or garden-grown regular mushrooms. Thus, first-timers might be put off by its earthier and more natural flavor and texture.

Fresh mushrooms usually notch the win in the taste department compared to dried shrooms. For the most part, they are less off-putting and somehow retain the traditional shroom-eating experience we all know and love.

That said, dry and fresh mushrooms can be made more palatable in several ways. You can mix them up with chocolates, lemon, juice, pesto, or honey and find that they won’t be nearly as terrible as what your traditional palette expects.

However, as far as taste improvement goes, don’t expect baking or frying to provide good results. As mentioned earlier, heat and oxygen can degrade the overall quality of your mushrooms, and that includes taste.

Should You Go for Fresh or Dried?

The world of psychedelics isn’t often too friendly to inexperienced users. For this reason, the more welcoming fresh magic shrooms are there to provide guidance on the first steps of the journey. Unlike their dried counterparts, raw magic mushrooms aren’t as off-putting and usually deliver more potency per dose.

That said, if you’re a regular in the mushroom world, you’d want to have steady storage of shrooms to consume whenever you like. In such cases, dried-out mushrooms would be much more practical and ideal.

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