Fun Children Activities For Rainy Days

Fun Children Activities For Rainy Days

Everyone finds kids lovely, but parenting is not just about cute kids lying in the cradle. It is tougher than how pleasant it appears. Even when your kids are in their growing age, you need to babysit them continuously.

Letting them go out to play with their friends does buy you some time but what about the rainy days! It can get tough to keep your kids entertained inside the house. Rainy days do not leave an option for them to even play outside the house. However, there are certain activities that can keep them involved and busy, indoors, that we shall be discussing in this article.
  • Gel Ball Gun Sports:
Kids naturally love sports and fun activities that will keep them active and healthy. Introduce your kids to outdoor sports during rainy days to keep them from feeling bored. This way they will keep busy and at the same time having fun with the gel ball gun sports. This is a fun and exciting game that they will experience. In this game your kids’ mental health will be developed as they are going to think of the best tactics or strategies to win the game. 


  • Painting and decorating:

If your kid is interested in painting and drawing, you could quickly grab a canvas and some paint brushes along with your kid’s favorite color.  Ask your kid if they’d like to paint with you and start talking to them about what they wish to paint. Let the kid draw an image with a pencil and ask them to explain the image. Now, let them lead and guide you about what color to fill in which section.

You can even let them help you with home remodeling. Ask them to help you in selecting the colors for walls, or wallpapers. Ask them for cushion covers and let them help you even with cleaning the house.

  • Board games:

Remember how as kids we used to enjoy playing our favorite board games for hours. You can ask your kids about the board games they like. If they aren’t into any of the games, make them sit with you and educate them about the rules of whatever game you mutually choose. Also, keep a pen and paper with you and teach the kids how to note down the points earned by each team. You could play games like snakes and ladders, ludo, monopoly, scrabble, etc.

  • Baking:

Baking is a fun activity that intrigues children of all age groups and even adults. Children love cakes and cookies. If you ask them to help you out in exchange for the cake or cookies, you might be successful in involving them with you.

Ask your kid to bring a pen and paper with them and ask them to note down the recipe for the cake. Start with teaching them the importance of measuring the ingredients before you pour them. Ask them to read aloud each step before they follow it.

  • Camping inside:

Camping can be a fun activity and it will allow you to develop a stronger bond with your child. Gather all the essentials required to build a tent. If you do not have the required material, just take a few pillows and a bed sheet and tie them across two walls.

Ask your child to get all the things they need in this camp and make them set some rules. Now assign them as the owner of this camp and let them guide you in what to do next. This increases the thinking capacity of the child and makes them question the things they have been told.

  • Dance together:

Ask your kid if they would like to dance with you. Ask them a few songs they like. Mostly when children do not remember the lyrics of a song, it is such a pleasure to watch them explain the song to you. They might just make you roll on the floor laughing.

Once you’re done with deciding the songs you would want to dance to, play the music, and get started with your moves. You could even surprise them by playing the songs you know they’d like.

  • Exercise:

Getting your kid involved in fitness is another great thing. You don’t have to make them struggle with the dumbbells but you can educate them about each of the gym equipment lying around in the house and show them how to use them. Teach them how to pronounce the names and some general postures.


There are several ways to get your kids involved in indoor activities on a rainy day. You could paint with them and try home remodeling. You could even try to attempt baking with them. Camping could be a fun activity, as well as dancing to your favorite songs. You can even play board games or just teach them about the gym equipment in your house.

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